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also Ma·so·rah  (mə-sôr′ə)
1. The body of Judaic tradition relating to correct textual reading of the Hebrew scriptures.
2. The critical notes made on manuscripts of the Hebrew scriptures before the tenth century, which embody this tradition.

[Hebrew māsôrâ, from māsar, to hand over; see msr in Semitic roots.]

Mas′o·ret′ic (măs′ə-rĕt′ĭk) adj.


(ˌmæsəˈrɛtɪk) or






1. (Judaism) of or relating to the Masora, the Masoretes, or the system of textual criticism and explanation evolved by them
2. (Other Non-Christian Religious Writings) of or relating to the Masora, the Masoretes, or the system of textual criticism and explanation evolved by them
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Adj.1.Masoretic - of or relating to the MasorahMasoretic - of or relating to the Masorah  
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The developmental processes surrounding the consonantal and oral traditions which culminated in the present form of the Masoretic Text are perhaps not yet well enough understood to make such sweeping claims as those formulated in this commentary, and synchronic studies such as Ben Zvi's will surely benefit from future advances in the diachronic sub-discipline of the study of scripturalization.
Since the Masoretic text is later than the Septuagint, and the additions present in MT show deuteronomic traits, P.
The translation proposed here is based on the Masoretic Text, with a single crucial emendation at the end of the verse.
Bird (New Testament, Highland Theological College, Scotland) contends that 1 Esdras, part of the Septuagint and of the Christian Apocrypha, has been neglected relative to the canonical books of the Masoretic Text and the apocalyptic 2 Esdras, which is appended to the Latin Apocrypha.
The Masoretic Text presents awkward syntax, internal thematic incoherence, and contextual incongruity, and the range of interpretation could lead to the conclusion that there is some agreement only on the word "yitron," with the meaning of the preceding " vav" not entirely clear.
The Earliest Text of the Hebrew Bible: The Relationship between the Masoretic Text and the Hebrew Base of the Septuagint Reconsidered.
For each psalm he provides a title, a fresh translation of the Masoretic Text to which he is (excessively?
For many years, scholars have debated the sources of the many differences between the Septuagint and the Masoretic text.
In each of these three chapters Bautch offers his translation of the text in question, a discussion of text-critical questions, context of the passage, comparisons in tabular form of the Masoretic Text (MT) with some ancient versions, and a look at the Sitz im Leben of each text.
4QSam, containing parts of 1 and 2 Samuel, is one of the most important of the Dead Sea Scrolls since its readings that differ from the Masoretic Text are often supported by the Old Greek Septuagint, made in the second century B.
After an overview of the genre, she compares the versions in the Hebrew Masoretic Text and the Greek Septuagint, and compares Jeremiah 48 with the very similar Isaiah 15-16.
This critical note will give the reader a better understanding and reading of the Masoretic text.