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See Muscat.


(ˈmʌskət; -kæt)
(Placename) a transliteration of the Arabic name for Muscat


(ˈmʌs kət, -kæt)

1. a variety of grape having a pronounced sweet aroma and flavor, used for making wine and raisins.
2. the vine bearing this fruit.
[1570–80; short for muscat wine or grape < Middle French muscat musky < Old Provençal, =musc (< Late Latin muscus musk) + -at -ate1]


or Mas•qat


the capital of Oman. 250,000.
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Noun1.Masqat - a port on the Gulf of Oman and capital of the sultanate of OmanMasqat - a port on the Gulf of Oman and capital of the sultanate of Oman
Muscat and Oman, Oman, Sultanate of Oman - a strategically located monarchy on the southern and eastern coasts of the Arabian Peninsula; the economy is dominated by oil
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Masqat est la troisieme et derniere escale de la visite de Lamamra dans les pays du Golfe apres l'Arabie saoudite et les Emirats arabes unis.
Damascus, SANA- Cham Wings Airlines carried out its first flight from Damascus International Airport to Masqat, the capital of Oman, on Friday.
The brother of Hanif named Sohail aka Sunny has already escaped to Masqat, the accused informed law enforcement agencies, who told that brother of suspect was also involved in killing of dozens of people.
5E about 650 km southwest of Karachi and 400 km east-southeast of Masqat (Oman).
The accused intended to proceed to Jeddah via Masqat by Oman Air Flight No.
Further, In September 2013, managing director of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), Hamid Reza Araqi, explained that once the contract is signed, Tehran and Masqat will need 2.
Many wadis were runoff in the Governorate of A'Dakhiliyah, including Al Khadra, Al Masalah, Al Hajri, Masqat, Dama, Maqwa and Al Memsi.
The Omani envoy pointed to the close relations between Masqat and Tehran and said, We want further enhancement of all-out ties.
On Sunday, a senior Iranian official in oil ministry said that Tehran and Masqat will explore new ways to enhance mutual cooperation between the two countries' oil ministries.
The Sammans also recently acquired rights to the Oman market, with their first location in Masqat slated for early 2013.
Masqat, Rabi'I 29, 1433, Feb 21, 2012, SPA -- Sultan Qabus bin Saeid of Oman received here today a written message from the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, containing an invitation to attend a summit on Arab World Reachout to Infomation Technology and Telecommunications which is set to take place in the Qatari Capital, next March.
Meanwhile, Minister of Finance and National Economy has appreciated the financial support provided by Masqat Stock Exchange to the Khartoum Stock Exchange by providing a complete electronic exchange program.