Mass center

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(Geom.) the center of gravity of a triangle.

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A region inside this swirling ball becomes the mass center for this collapsed system.
1] are height of spring mass center to roll center and pitch center, respectively; [F[phi]wxi], [F[phi]wyi], [F[phi]zi] are wheel longitudinal force, lateral force and dynamic load, respectively; [[delta].
Vehicle's mass center sideslip angle is an important index of vehicle's stability.
One is based on the first satellite and the other is based on the mass center of the TSS.
a--acceleration of the "vessel with launching trolleys" object mass center.
Corporal position present a permanent change of the mass center and arms have a balancing role when changing the running trajectory.
The Central Mass Center for Women & Enterprise will offer "How Smartphones Tablets Can Make Your Business More Profitable,'' from 10 a.
The positive charge center carries with it most of the mass of the nucleus so the mass center will also be lower than the charge center.
Due to the requirement of attacking technology of the missile, besides its high speed translational motion along its mass center, the midcourse target also moves with micro-motion, such as spinning, coning and precession.
12-17) Furthermore, since the soft tissue mass of a body segment may move relative to the bony structures, (18) the segmental mass center does not have a fixed anatomical location.