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 (mä-sī′, mä′sī)
Variant of Masai..


or Maa•sai

(məˈsaɪ, ˈmɑ saɪ)

n., pl. -sais, (esp. collectively) -sai.
1. a member of a traditionally pastoral African people of the upland steppes of S Kenya and NE Tanzania.
2. the Nilotic language of the Masai.
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Starting in Rwanda, they trekked to see the mountain gorillas before relaxing in the sunshine in Zanzibar, then went on to safari in the Massai Mara in Kenya before ending in Cape Town to eat seafood and drink wine.
In recent years, the work of the German writer Corinne Hofmann (1960-) who wrote Die weisse Massai ("The White Maasai", 1999) about her four-year-long relationship with a Masai man and her stay in 'n manyatta attracted wide attention in Europe.
Massai, a lieutenant of legendary Apache warrior Geronimo is captured and sent to Florida.
A look at the footnotes gives a good clue: the names Lesser, Stallybrass, Kastan, Blayney, Tiffany Stern, Alan Farmer, Paul Voss, Sonia Massai, Alan Nelson, and Heidi Brayman Hackel appear frequently.
Remorini D, Tavarini S, Degl'Innocenti E, Loreti F, Massai R and L Guidi Effect of rootstocks and harvesting time on the nutritional quality of peel and flesh of peach fruits.
Implementation of an automated conveyor system, its service management, operation and maintenance and full risk management service and run the installation of pneumatic mail the POC Massai of Asti, all as described in the special conditions of contract available in its entirety on a buyer profile (www.
A l'instar des sept editions precedentes, le festival verra la presence de poetes et poetesses connus sur la scene marocaine et arabe, a savoir le Syrien Hani Nadim, les Tunisiens Lhadi Ljaziri et Choukri Elmidi, Mohamed Dounqli de la Lybie, Saloua Lamiss Massai de l'Algerie, Hnadi Jalil de l'Irak et les poetes marocains Mohamed Tyra, Moha Ben Sayne et Qacem Elanssari.
Last year, Grow Your Yoga raised more than $84,000 for The Massai Wilderness Conservation Trust, and the goal this year is to raise $100,000.
Plus, Simon enjoys a good brew with everyone from Massai cattle herders to the descendants of the original plantation owners, hearing all about claims of low wages and child labour.
Indeed, Erne's study is throughout enriched by the work of a new generation of bibliographically inclined scholars, including, in addition to Farmer and Lesser, Sonia Massai, Adam Hooks, and Tiffany Stern.
Azzari C, Moriondo M, Indolfi G, Massai C, Becciolini L, de Martino M, et al.
MORAN GRADUATION: (A natural sound version of an EBRU TV report) The Massai community in Kenya is known for its warrior youth.