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Any of various mixtures of spices that are used in South Asian cuisine.

[Hindi and Urdu maṣāliḥ, masālā, ingredients, mixture of spices, from Persian masāleḥ, from Arabic maṣāliḥ, pl. of maṣlaha, benefit, from ṣalaḥa, to be good; see ṣlḥ in Semitic roots.]


(Cookery) a mixture of spices ground into a paste, used in Indian cookery
Hinglish spicy; dramatic: it was a typical masala film.
[from Urdu masalah, from Arabic masalih ingredients]
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All the bhunas and bhajis that have made Indian food so popular are included but the menu also boastsmore unusual choices - the haddock tawa massala at pounds 9.
Our topic is "Britain - a country between tradition and change" and these last few weeks we have been reading, among other texts, Robin Cook's famous Chicken Tikka Massala speech (April, 2001) and the Queen's Golden Jubilee speech (April, 2002) to learn what Britain is like and what her national characteristics are.
The Consumers' Association named and shamed the culprits in a study of bestsellers lasagne, pizzas and chicken tikka massala.
85) and coconut beans, a dish cooked with blanched beans, ginger, curry powder, lentils, coconut, garam massala and salt (pounds 2.
Probably Chicken Tikka Massala or Tandoori King Prawn Massala.
There are about 150 different flavours, from tomato ketchup to tikka massala and Caribbean flavours, although we don't do them all at once.
Britons' favourite meal may now be chicken tikka massala, but Indian cuisine has traditionally been markedly less popular for UK holidaymakers visiting the sub-continent.
The festival aims to present the best of national and world cinema and will be screening Shaun the Sheep and Testament of Youth (September 6 at Honley) and Watermark to promote the Holm-firth Transition Town, while a curry at the Massala Lounge will be followed by a screening of the Second Best Marigold Hotel.
Chef Mark Earnden showed his enthusiastic audience how to prepare and cook chicken tikka massala, Italian meatballs with tomato sauce, salmon, mustard and herb fishcakes and garlic mushrooms with cumin and lemon.
When returning home from a busy night meeting he likes nothing better than to stop off at a take-away, to pick up a tikka massala.
The chicken tikka dishes are a big hit with the Fifers and staff reckon the chicken tikka massala is maybe just edging it over the balti butter chicken.
LASAGNE has overtaken chicken tikka massala as the nation's favourite dish.