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 (măs′ə-nā′, mäs-nā′), Jules Émile Frédéric 1842-1912.
French composer whose works include more than 20 operas, including Manon (1884) and Thaïs (1894).


(ˈmæsəˌneɪ; French masnɛ)
(Biography) Jules Émile Frédéric (ʒyl emil frederik). 1842–1912, French composer of operas, including Manon (1884), Werther (1892), and Thais (1894)


(ˌmæs əˈneɪ)

Jules Émile Frédéric, 1842–1912, French composer.
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Noun1.Massenet - French composer best remembered for his pop operas (1842-1912)Massenet - French composer best remembered for his pop operas (1842-1912)
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Gounod had conducted the Funeral March of a Marionnette; Reyer, his beautiful overture to Siguar; Saint Saens, the Danse Macabre and a Reverie Orientale; Massenet, an unpublished Hungarian march; Guiraud, his Carnaval; Delibes, the Valse Lente from Sylvia and the Pizzicati from Coppelia.
Miss Wilkinson played the piano and sang in a rather tired voice; but her songs, Massenet, Benjamin Goddard, and Augusta Holmes, were new to Philip; and together they spent many hours at the piano.
BFC council chairman Natalie Massenet claimed Versace was the best, if not only, choice to receive the award.
It's these French musical traits that are lovingly caught on this new Atma Classique CD with the New Brunswick mezzosoprano Michele Losier and pianist Olivier Godin, in a nicely varied selection of melodies by Gounod, Massenet, Franck, Bizet and Saint-Saens.
Massenet, pieza orquestal con un estupendo solo de violin que bordo la joven concertino de La Camerata de Cohahuila: Romana Rudoman, y la Fleming nos obsequio otros dos fragmentos del arla "C'est Thai's, l'idole fragile", y de Manon" la famosa aria de la mesita "Adie notre petite table".
Massenet has a feeling for tragedy like no other, perhaps at times even more so than that great puppeteer of emotions, Puccini.
Classical Massenet Silver/Tocci/Darmanin/ Swallow/Bonynge FEWpeople are more W knowledgeable about Jules Massenet than Richard Bonynge.
Former fashion journalist Natalie Massenet, who founded the business from her London flat in 2000, will see Net-A-Porter merge with Italy's YOOX to create an enlarged firm with annual sales of [euro]1.
Massenet, an iconographer and the great-granddaughter of Jules Massenet (1842-1912), presents a biography of the composer based on letters with family, students, colleagues, friends, and other composers, including unpublished letters.
Jules Emile Frederic Massenet (12 May 1842-13 August 1912) was a French composer best known for his operas, of which he wrote more than thirty.
She will be joined by trumpeter Rebecca Robertson, a former winner of the Kirklees Young Musician of the Year, whose performance will include a trumpet sonata by Hindermith and music by Copeland, Bernstein and Massenet.
Werther" is an opera in four acts by Jules Massenet to a French libretto by Aa[euro]degdouard Blau, Paul Milliet and Georges Hartmann (who used the pseudonym Henri Gremont).