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(Biography) Philip. 1583–?1640, English dramatist, noted esp for his comedy A New Way to pay Old Debts (1633)


(ˈmæs ən dʒər)

Philip, 1583–1640, English playwright.
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Philip Massinger, a pupil and collaborator of Fletcher, was of thoughtful spirit, and apparently a sincere moralist at heart, in spite of much concession in his plays to the contrary demands of the time.
The last group, under James I and Charles I, to 1642: Ford, Massinger, and Shirley.
She guides us through the origins of the iambic pentameter in such poems as Surrey's Aeneid translation; the beginnings of the meter's use in drama in Gorboduc and the Jocasta (1566) of Gascoigne and Kinwelmershe; its consolidation in the 1580s, when Marlowe's Tamburlaine exploded onto the Elizabethan stage, Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy moved and thrilled London theatre-goers, and such men as Greene, Peele, and Nashe made their contributions; Shakespeare's progress towards greater flexibility and expressiveness and the various ways in which he achieved his effects; and the individual verse characteristics of such Jacobean and Caroline playwrights as Jonson, Fletcher, Middleton, William Rowley, Webster, Massinger, Ford, Shirley, and Brome.
The next four chapters closely read plays by Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, and Philip Massinger that take classical Rome, including its texts, culture, and ethos, as the object of emulation.
Madeline Bond, Madison Brady, Sofia Brinister, Megan Carey, Harrison Carter, Emma Castle, Hannah Castner, Anna Cressman, Hannah Dahill, Charlotte Dempsey, Marc Descoteaux, Georgia Dittemore, Nathan Draudt, Brooke English, Krista Flinkstrom, Benjamin Fox, Michelle Frasch, Hannah Gaffney, William Gerecke IV, Sophia Greszczuk, Lillian Hammill, Tyler Hunt, Laura Jowett, Jonathan Keats, Grace Keith, Tara Krishna, Jamie Lance, Ashley Masse, Angelica Massinger, Meaghan McCarthy, Delaney McKenna, Emily McManus, Rebecca Meininger, Haley Neff, Lauren Quinn, Abigail Recko, Madison Richard, Cora Sargent, Justin Schoepke, Catherine Smith, Keely Stevenson, Emma Sullivan, Madeleine Susi, Jillian Szcesuil and Johannes Thorarensen.
Spanish adaptations filled Jacobean playhouses, as English dramatists such as Fletcher, Francis Beaumont, Shakespeare, John Webster, John Ford, James Shirley, Philip Massinger, Thomas Middleton, Nathan Field, Thomas Dekker, and William Rowley found inspiration time and again in Spanish sources.
The interview was conducted amidst reports of Kutcher's alleged sleepover with a make-up artist Linn Massinger during the early days of his romance with Kunis.
213 million worth of additional loan to the Mozambican Government to renovate its Massinger Dam, which is positioned in the Limpopo National Park and a component of the Great Limpopo Trans frontier Park, a reproduction floor of Nile crocodiles.
213 million to the government of Mozambique for the rehabilitation of the country's Massinger Dam.
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Three Turkish plays by Thomas Heywood, Robert Daborne, and Phillip Massinger show that unsettled questions about the process of "treason" while abroad and the possibility of prodigal return resulted in a system of conversion signification so unstable that returned captives could not be fully reintegrated into English social, religious, and political life.
Roland Massinger, an English gentleman who comes to New Zealand in search of adventure after a failed romance, is thrilled with his first encounter with 'these marvellous islands,' hailed as 'marked out' by 'Providence' as 'Another England, beneath the Cross of the South