Master of Science

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Master of Science

(Education) a postgraduate degree, usually in science, or the holder of this degree. Abbreviation: MSc

Mas′ter of Sci′ence

1. a master's degree given in the sciences.
2. a recipient of this degree. Abbr.: M.S., M.Sc., S.M., Sc.M.
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Noun1.Master of Science - a master's degree in scienceMaster of Science - a master's degree in science  
master's degree - an academic degree higher than a bachelor's degree but lower than a doctor's degree
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The Master of Science in Consumer Science is a 12 course/36 credit-hour STEM program that will be offered on campus and is designed for students from diverse backgrounds from Business, Marketing, Data, IT and more.
Another program offered by the School of Professional Studies is the Online Master of Science in Predictive Analytics (sps.
Bosshart graduated from Oregon Health and Science University with a Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics.
Master of Science in Health and Wellness: https://www.
MSM (Master of Science in Management) - Designed to help college graduates launch their careers quickly, Rollins' Master of Science in Management (MSM) program targets students who have completed an undergraduate business degree within the past five years.
Stephanie DeQuick of Westboro graduated with a master of science in applied behavior analysis.
The Master of Science in Hospital Management program targets healthcare administrators, leaders and decision makers dealing with health, senior healthcare executives, and healthcare providers interested in acquiring knowledge, enhancing their skills, and achieving excellence in healthcare services management.
Master's Specialization: Non-Thesis Program; Master of Agribusiness Management; Thesis Program; Master of Science in Agriculture with a concentration in Agricultural Economics
He earned a Master of Science in Medicine from the University of Minnesota and Master of Science in Health Care Policy and Finance from New York University as part of the Kellogg Foundation Advanced Management Program for Clinicians.
If there is to be a new generation of teacher-researchers, preparation must begin in teacher education programs such as the Master of Science in Teaching program at Rowan University.
edu) Degrees offered: Master of Tourism Administration, Master of Science Average cost of credit: $726

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