master stroke

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ضَرْبَة مُعَلِّم
mistrovský tah
mesterfogásügyes sakkhúzás
majstrovský ťah
ustaca iş


(ˈmaːstə) feminine mistress (ˈmistris) noun
1. a person or thing that commands or controls. I'm master in this house!
2. an owner (of a slave, dog etc). The dog ran to its master.
3. a male teacher. the Maths master.
4. the commander of a merchant ship. the ship's master.
5. a person very skilled in an art, science etc. He's a real master at painting.
6. (with capital) a polite title for a boy, in writing or in speaking. Master John Smith.
(of a person in a job) fully qualified, skilled and experienced. a master builder/mariner/plumber.
1. to overcome (an opponent, handicap etc). She has mastered her fear of heights.
2. to become skilful in. I don't think I'll ever master arithmetic.
ˈmasterful adjective
showing the power, authority or determination of a master. a masterful man.
ˈmasterfully adverb
ˈmasterfulness noun
ˈmasterly adjective
showing the skill of a master. His handling of the situation was masterly.
ˈmasterliness noun
ˈmastery noun
(usually with over or of) control, great skill or knowledge. We have gained mastery over the enemy.
master key
a key which opens a number of locks.
ˈmastermind noun
the person planning and controlling an undertaking or scheme. He was the mastermind behind the scheme.
to plan (such a scheme). Who masterminded the robbery?
ˈmasterpiece noun
a piece of work or art worthy (to be called the greatest achievement) of a master. He considers this picture his masterpiece.
master stroke
a very clever thing to do. This sudden, unexpected attack was a master stroke.
master switch
a switch for controlling a number of other switches. There is a master switch that controls all the electricity.
master of ceremonies abbreviation ( MC)
a person who announces the various stages of an entertainment, formal social gathering, series of speakers at a dinner etc. The master of ceremonies introduced the speaker.
References in classic literature ?
He was but waiting now until the moment was propitious for a master stroke.
I like him especially for one master stroke of cant, by which he has attained his reputation for ingenuity.
That part of his scheme was crude and brutal--it lacked the refinement of torture that had marked the master strokes of the Paulvitch of old, when he had worked with that virtuoso of villainy, Nikolas Rokoff--but it at least assured Paulvitch of immunity from responsibility, placing that upon the ape, who would thus also be punished for his refusal longer to support the Russian.
I spent a week at Valencia as part of my pro licence and I know how proud they were of their academy and their record of producing players, so to focus on that was another master stroke by Neville.
However, Banerjee's decision is a political master stroke, as it has been long rumoured that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will declassify the files ahead of assembly polls in 2016 so that his party BJP can benefit out of the emotive issue that Bose still is among millions in West Bengal.
The master stroke being from the usually silent Miliband, too afraid to say much so as not to lose any votes, sending his "big hitters" Brown and Prescott to prop up the "no" campaign.
Pete Doherty and Carl Barat picked the legendary venue for their only warm-up shows before their massive Hyde Park gig next week and it proved to be a master stroke.
And, in signing Cesc Fabregas (left) this week, he's come up with yet another master stroke.
It doesn't drink Tequila either, but nicknaming this species the Tequila Bat might be the master stroke that has saved it from extinction because these little animals are responsible for pollinating the Agave plants that Tequila is made from.
The move to field Meena, considered as Raje's master stroke, has put both his elder brother and the Congress in a catch- 22 situation.
It is a master stroke to bring in budding stars on loan to cover injuries.
WHAT an absolute master stroke Coventry City Council, ACL and the Higgs Trust pulled out of the bag taking Sisu to court some months ago.