mastoid cells

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mas·toid cells

n., pl. células mastoideas, bolsas de aire en la prominencia mastoidea del hueso temporal.
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Opacification of the mastoid air cells was observed.
The main goals of open cavity mastoidectomy are to completely eradicate the disease, create a large enough meatus for examination and mastoid air cells, and provide a self-cleaning epithelized dry cavity, and achieve maximum hearing.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging revealed hyperintensity in T1 axial flair and T2 weighted images in both mastoid air cells and petrous apex involving Dorello's canal and Meckel's cave area on right side.
The areas of the mastoid air cells were measured on preoperative CT scans.
The pre-operative CT scans were reported to assess characteristic cholesteatoma findings, location and extension of soft tissues in middle ear, integrity of scutum, erosion of the ossicular chain, integrity of the thin bony septum of facial nerve canal, the semicircular canals and the tegmenextension of cholesteatoma outside the middle ear, integrity of mastoid air cells, trabeculae, as well as relationship and proximity of soft tissues with the tympanic membrane were assessed.
High resolution computed tomography (CT) of temporal bones demonstrated hipodense mass (35-49 HU) in the left external ear canal, middle ear, antrum and mastoid air cells without bony destruction.
Pneumatized air cells present in the zygomatic process of the temporal bone, which appears similar to the mastoid air cells and which does not extend further anteriorly than the zygomatico-temporal suture, entitled as zygomatic air cell defect (ZACD).
In majority of the poorly or acellular mastoid, sclerosis of the mastoid air cells was marked.
At this time a repeat CT scan showed extensive abnormality of the left temporal bone and opacification of the left middle ear, external auditory canal and mastoid air cells.
The abscess occurs over the mastoid cortex when the infectious process within the mastoid air cells extends into the subperiosteal space.
1) that had engulfed the epitympanum with extrusion through the aditus ad antrum into the mastoid air cells.