mastoid cells

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mas·toid cells

n., pl. células mastoideas, bolsas de aire en la prominencia mastoidea del hueso temporal.
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Computed tomography (CT) showed partial opacification of the left mastoid air cells and middle ear cavity and thickening of the left tympanic membrane and skin of the left EAC.
The extracranial findings include opacification of the mastoid air cells with resultant suppuration.
The abscess occurs over the mastoid cortex when the infectious process within the mastoid air cells extends into the subperiosteal space.
At this time a repeat CT scan showed extensive abnormality of the left temporal bone and opacification of the left middle ear, external auditory canal and mastoid air cells.
1) that had engulfed the epitympanum with extrusion through the aditus ad antrum into the mastoid air cells.
Computed tomography scan of the temporal bones showed significant diffuse soft tissue swelling along the right aspect of the face and temporal bone with opacification of the middle ear and mastoid air cells on the right.
High-resolution CT of the temporal bones detected a soft-tissue mass in the left EAC; there was no bony destruction, and the middle ear and mastoid air cells were normal (figure 1, B).
Computed tomography (CT) (Figs 1a, b and c) of the brain showed a large, destructive lesion in the left ear cavity, extending anterior to the pre-auricular region and posterior to the mastoid air cells.
Computed tomography of the sinuses demonstrated nonspecific opacification of the right mastoid air cells, leading to a diagnosis of otomastoiditis.
There was no bony erosion, the scutum was sharp and intact, and the antrum and mastoid air cells were well pneumatized.