mastoid cells

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mas·toid cells

n., pl. células mastoideas, bolsas de aire en la prominencia mastoidea del hueso temporal.
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Chronic perforated otitis media is a chronic infection of the middle ear and mastoid cells in which there is a persistent perforation of the eardrum with continuous or intermittent otorrhea.
In more severe cases, hyperpneumatization of equilateral mastoid cells and elevation of a petrous ridge and orbital roof can be seen [3].
In the ENT Department of Targu Mures Hospital, a new cranio-cerebral CT examination revealed mucosal thickening of the left and right maxillary sinus, almost completely obstructed of ethmoid and left mastoid cells by thickening mucosa and inflammatory exudate, inflammation in the middle ear without affecting the left ossicular chain (Figure 1 and Figure 2).