Matagorda Bay

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Mat·a·gor·da Bay

An inlet of southeast Texas separated from the Gulf of Mexico by the Matagordo Peninsula, a narrow sand spit.
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Reed said the floodwaters had kept him from even being able to survey the damage to some of his land near Matagorda Bay, and that he planned to soon take a ride in his buddy's helicopter to take a look.
It is expected to head southeast toward the Matagorda Bay and Gulf of Mexico where it will pick up additional moisture before sliding back over Galveston and Houston, cities it's already hammered.
Landfall was predicted for late Friday or early Saturday between Port OConnor and Matagorda Bay, a 30-mile (48km) stretch of coastline about 70 miles north-east of Corpus Christi.
A deal was granted of worth US$8,885,450 to Goodloe Marine Inc for dredging between Freeport Harbor and Matagorda Bay, Texas.
Lavaca Bay is located in the northwest Matagorda Bay system on the central Texas coast (Fig.
V: ARK, OTCQX: APEUF), (the "Company"), is pleased to announce that it has entered into a definitive Participation Agreement with Arbol Energy ("Arbol"), a private Houston based oil and gas company, governing Arbol's Matagorda Bay, Texas Prospect.
Bay scallops are infrequently found in middens on the upper Texas coast and are much more abundant from Matagorda Bay southward (Steele, 1987; Table 1).
Infections have been reported in humans (4) and dolphins, including Guiana dolphins (Sotalia guianensis) in tropical climates (Latin America) (5) and Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in transitional tropical climates (Indian River Lagoon and Gulf of Mexico, Florida; Matagorda Bay, Texas; and Bay of Biscay, Europe) (6-8).
At the beginning of 2000, I had purchased an acre of undivided interest on this barrier island, four miles across Matagorda Bay from the small mainland town of Port O'Connor.
Abbreviation Location for location Pass presence Inshore sites Sabine Lake SL Yes Galveston Bay GB Yes East Matagorda Bay EMB No Matagorda Bay MB Yes San Antonio Bay SAB No Aransas Bay AB Yes Corpus Christi Bay CCB Yes Upper Laguna Madre ULM No Lower Laguna Madre LLM Yes Offshore sites Gulf station A Gulf A Yes Gulf station B Gulf B Yes Gulf station C Gulf C Yes Gulf station D Gulf D Yes Gulf station E Gulf E Yes Sample size Sample size Location (no.
These funds will be used for previously identified low-risk, exploitation opportunities, which primarily include drilling the Matagorda Bay State Track 127-1 well in Calhoun County, recompleting two existing wells in the Big Foot area of Frio County, drilling four horizontal laterals from existing well bores in the Giddings Field, drilling a sidetrack re-entry in the Matagorda Bay State Track 150-1 well, and funding general corporate purposes.
5 metres in Matagorda Bay, and between 1 to 2 meters in Galveston Bay.