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n. Hinduism
A mother goddess having various roles and manifestations, especially as Durga, Lakshmi, and Sarasvati, the female counterparts to the male gods of the Trimurti.

[Sanskrit devī, feminine of devaḥ, god; see dyeu- in Indo-European roots.]


(Hinduism) a Hindu goddess and embodiment of the female energy of Siva
[Sanskrit: goddess; see deva]


(ˈdeɪ vi)

a Hindu mother goddess.
[< Skt, feminine of deva god]
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Noun1.Devi - Hindu mother goddessDevi - Hindu mother goddess; supreme power in the universe; wife or embodiment of the female energy of Siva having both beneficent and malevolent forms or aspects
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Tenders are invited for Construction of Dharad To Itawa Mataji Road Length 3.
Extremist Khamenei adviser Ali-Reza Mataji said: "If Iran agrees with this [July 14 pact] our nuclear industry will be hand-cuffed for many years to come".
In the name of our almighty God, who is greater than American imperialism,'' said Alireza Mataji, a 26-year old organizer of the event, "we are granted permits for meetings because we represent the people and pay ourselves.
In Ismat Chughtai's novella, The Wild One, Mataji provides an instance of those types of Indian wives who hold the power of decision making in their children's matrimonial alliances, and their husband's day to day affairs.
An eclectic philosophy that draws on world religions, it was launched by the Indian guru Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who taught meditation that promotes "innocence, creativity, peace, love and compassion and forgiveness.
Mataji Chowki, Mataji Jagran, Sundarkand Paath, Ramayan Satsang, bhajan mala, kirtan; etc.
Iran's success in the scientific development of nuclear energy is one of the most important reasons of certain world countries' opposition to Iran's nuclear activities," AEOI Director-General for Nuclear Safety Na'eemoddin Mataji Kojouri said.
Several days later, I stumbled into a temple and the instant presence of Mataji drew me in.
Prahlad Jani who is known by his followers as Mataji, which means the Mother Goddess, is an 82-year-old.
We have cancelled our popular two-day cultural programme this year," Parijat Mataji, an Iskcon temple representative told Gulf News.
In "Mission in the Spirit," Kim presents Indian theologies, especially those of Stanley Samartha, Vandana Mataji, and Samuel Ryan.
But Mataji (grandmother) drops the typing ball and things get worse: e goes so he uses +; a goes so he uses @--until the letter deconstructs our conditioning by letters.