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Noun1.Match game - an international championship matchmatch game - an international championship match
match - a formal contest in which two or more persons or teams compete
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To Tell The Truth (1990's) Camouflage Let's Make A Deal Treasure Hunt Card Sharks Lingo Trivia Trap (host Bob Eubanks) Card Sharks Love Connection Twenty-one (host Jim Perry) Card Sharks Match Game Weakest Link (host Bill Rafferty) (host George Gray) Chain Reaction Match Game PM Weakest Link (host Anne Robinson) Child's Play Now You See It Whammy
Pre-empts LINGO on this night only 9:30 PM ET LINGO featuring Gubernatorial Candidates -- Kelly Kimball, Scott Mednick (Butt Monkey Beer boys), David "Uncle" Sams, Robert Palmieri (self-proclaimed first gay candidate) Pre-empts Match Game PM on this night only 10:00 PM ET Who Wants to Be Governor of California?
T and MATCH GAME PM, Monday through Friday, at 9:30PM and 12:30AM E.