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A small cardboard folder containing safety matches and having a striking surface along the bottom.


a cardboard packet containing matches



a small folder into which matches are stapled or glued.
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Noun1.matchbook - a small folder of paper safety matchesmatchbook - a small folder of paper safety matches
folder - covering that is folded over to protect the contents
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com)-- Shawn Cain Films has signed a contract with, Summer Solstice Publishing, to release the first ever, Ultimate Death Match book.
A letter in the July issue of The Sporting Magazine from 'Bog Trotter', a regular Dublin correspondent, stated: "There is now preparing under the auspices of Mr J R Hunter, the keeper of the Match Book, an Irish Stud Book, which, as he is a young man of considerable talent and has means of information by many degrees superior to what any other person can attain, I have no doubt will prove a very valuable publication .
IBM has introduced a new match book sized hard drive with a billion byte storage capacity.
Shown here a Trompe L' Oiel New Orleans match book is so realistic visitors try to pick it up.
Club chiefs gave the fans contacted one final chance to behave - or have their match book confiscated.
RESPONSIBILITY for the oldest job in British racing, Keeper of the Match Book, has gone to a female administrator, BHA director of racing Ruth Quinn, for the first time in its 338-year history.
75) -- Friend -- Jack Spade leather match book cover ($10) -- Man's Best Friend -- Unica dog chew toys ($8) -- What should be on a man's personal list -- Unfed "Dickens" Boxers ($38); Kicking Mule Studio 2010 Jeans ($225); Sirius S50 satellite radio ($330); Miu Miu shearling coat, price ($2,595); Italy by Vespa tour (from $4,795) About MEN.
Roughly the size of a match book, weighing less than an ounce and selling for an average of $7, Cellboost plugs directly into the cell phone's charging port (no cords or adapters are needed) and delivers an average of 60 minutes of talk time / 60 hours of standby time.
Christopher Foster, who was once the Jockey Club's Keeper of the Match Book (redundant since the ban on smoking), is in the public gallery, watching Romil Star at Southwell.
Goldman has significant experience and success in building, growing and integrating businesses across a wide range of specialized products including repo match book, interest rate swaps, structured trading, mortgage backed securities, credit and mortgage derivatives, corporates, futures and options.
Others who dashed to the scene - across the road from the racecourse - included Curragh manager Paul Hensey and former Keeper of the Match Book Cahir O'Sullivan, who was visibly upset that the building in which he spent such a significant part of his working life should be destroyed.