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a. One who finds a person for another to marry.
b. One who finds a person for another to have a romantic relationship with, or who finds two people to have a romantic relationship with each other.
2. One who arranges athletic competitions, especially in professional boxing.
3. One who establishes or tries to establish a partnership between people, groups of people, or businesses: "The firm acts as a matchmaker for smaller businesses, especially in the countryside, where older presidents can't find someone to take over" (Yuko Takeo).

match′mak′ing n.
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Noun1.matchmaking - mediation in order to bring about a marriage between others
intermediation, mediation - the act of intervening for the purpose of bringing about a settlement


A. Nactividades fpl de casamentero
B. ADJcasamentero
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AS more and more businesses across Wales are realising the benefits of hiring an apprentice, the Welsh Government is calling for employers to register and advertise their apprentice vacancies on the Apprenticeship Matching service in the run-up to National Apprenticeship Week (March 3-7 2014).
The recruitment Thousands of individuals across Wales have already registered, subsequently any vacancies that employers advertise on the Apprenticeship Matching Service are opened up to a much wider pool of candidates, all of whom are actively looking for the opportunity to earn a wage while learning new practical skills and getting a step on the career ladder.
United Health Foundation has given $500,000 to United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) to integrate UNOS's kidney paired donation (KPD) matching service into the national transplant system's technology infrastructure.
For this purpose it will develop and test the technical feasibility and the commercial viability for a pan European information and matching service for entrepreneurs and investors.
com/music/listen#start) endow its Google Play service with an iTunes Match-esque song matching service to essentially rebuild your music library in the cloud and stream it back to you on the go.
LPS), a provider of integrated technology, data and analytics to the mortgage and real estate industries, has announced that its LPS Applied Analytics division has launched the LPS Industry Lien Matching service.
Multinational start-up RYU-Co has announced it is introducing the peer-to-peer (P2P) social local guide matching service 'Shiroube', co-developed with tech-partner Mafe.
Pakistan Business Matching Service will allow Pakistani companies to link up with American companies who are looking for partners but are uncertain of the best ways to find them, he said.
ConstructionSkills launched the Apprenticeship Matching Service early in 2009 to help employers retain their apprentices or, when this was not possible, match displaced apprentices with employers in the area.
It launched its apprenticeship matching service last year to help employers retain their apprentices or, when this was not possible, match displaced apprentices with employers in the area.
HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) has announced that it is planning to test a mortgage matching service in the UK.
com, or any other such matching service, to design a questionnaire that suits its customers' needs.