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A sturdy, textured, usually cotton fabric having a puckered or quilted appearance, often used in bedding and upholstery.

[French, from past participle of matelasser, to pad, quilt, from matelas, mattress, cushion, from Old French materas; see mattress.]


(mætˈlæseɪ) or


(Textiles) (in textiles) having a raised design, as quilting; embossed
[C19: from French matelasser to quilt, from matelas mattress]
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Quilted set : Also uses the Genuine Cow Leather , and the matelasse quilted pattern design gives the cases a modern touch.
Cameron organic-cotton matelasse shower curtain from Pottery Barn; use with Pottery Barn's phthalate-free EVA vinyl shower curtain liner (curtain, $99; liner, $12; potterybarn.
As actress Haylie Duff exclaimed after seeing the two incredible mauve gowns (one made of luminous patterned matelasse, the other of crystal encrusted silk satin) that wrapped the show, "I can't wait for the next red-carpet gala
The company will introduce the Sacro Support Aristocrat at $599, with an upholstery system similar to that of a couch; and the Prestige Deluxe at $699, with a European matelasse knit fabric.
Getson, Eastern Embroidery; skirt of white silk and printed matelasse (double weave), printed in yellow, pink, pale green, and brown with a black ground by Staron with a self-belt by Winton.
Ivory throw-style matelasse Coverlet with accessory pillows and a textured throw blanket
These include two matelasse bedding looks: Davenport is available in cream-chocolate and blue colorations, which is designed to layer with the Fleur de Liberte bed ensemble; and Bruton comes in ivory, white, vermilion, courthouse green, and gold dust.
Top off the bed with the Pink Polka Dot Sheet set and matelasse coverlet from Traditions by Pamela Kline.
The same cream matelasse was used as a bed covering, and a quilted duvet cover was made for the foot of the bed with a three-inch bias ruffle of the same apricot silk as the window panels.
Rich dark wood floors with seagrass matting, a statement walnut four-poster bed dressed in crisp Matelasse and ikat printed upholstery all speak of the quality one would choose for their own home.
When I started here four-and-a-half years ago, matelasse was huge, but now we're seeing more of a heavily printed top of bed as opposed to solids," he said.