Material evidence

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(Law) evidence which conduces to the proof or disproof of a relevant hypothesis.
- Wharton.

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And sitting still, with his hat pushed off his forehead, he thought that it was just like Heat's confounded cheek to carry off quietly the only piece of material evidence.
In the absence of all material evidences his uneasiness was passing away.
Having considered all material evidence, l find the accused guilty and convict him of abuse of office charge.
Al-Azizia and Hill Metal supplementary reference stated that the investigation officer had seized material evidence, including certified banking record, regarding remittances sent from Hill Metal Establishment to different persons.
Special Public Prosecutor N K Matta told the court there was enough material evidence on record to proceed against the accused.
She informed that he was arrested in 2004, on drug charges but police have been unable to bring forward any material evidence against him.
In this regard, a team of authorised officers of CCP recently inspected premises in Lahore that was in use of a poultry association and impounded material evidence.
In this regard, a team of authorized officers of CCP recently inspected premises in Lahore that was in use of a poultry association and impounded material evidence.
Among the topics are new light on linguistic diversity in pre-Achaemenid Aramaic: wandering Arameans or language spread, whether material evidence of Aramean influences and presences in Iron Age Judah and Israel can be found, the Battle of Ramoth-gilead and the rise of the Aramean hegemony in the southern Levant during the second half of the ninth century BCE, Babylonian scribal practices in rural contexts: a linguistic survey of the documents of Judean exiles and West Semites in Babylonia (CUSAS 28 and BaAr 6), how Mesopotamian Ahiqar the Wise was: a search for Ahiqar in cuneiform texts, and Arameans in Egypt.
Open competition: provision of services for the organization of activities for the protection, reception and storage of state-turned-in state, and other seized property and material evidence
He said: "I am satisfied that there is new material evidence available that was not put before the inquest in 2001, and I believe that it is in the interests of justice for the application for a new inquest to be heard by the High Court.
Although Weiss is an archaeologist, this volume does not deal with material evidence only.