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Noun1.Mathias - United States athlete who won Olympic gold medals in the decathlon (born in 1930)
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Among other things they told him that this regulation had been carried out to its full extent in the case of a prisoner named Mathias, who in 1668, that is to say, five years before, had committed a much less violent act of rebellion than that of which Cornelius was guilty.
In consequence of this proceeding, Mathias incontinently did then and there die.
Come, I'll show to these people that an honest burgher, godson of Cornelius de Witt, can without flinching receive as many musket-balls as that Mathias.
You are in the presence of three powerful sovereigns: myself, Clopin Trouillefou, King of Thunes, successor to the Grand Coësre, supreme suzerain of the Realm of Argot; Mathias Hunyadi Spicali, Duke of Egypt and of Bohemia, the old yellow fellow whom you see yonder, with a dish clout round his head; Guillaume Rousseau, Emperor of Galilee, that fat fellow who is not listening to us but caressing a wench.
The complaint said that Neon, with Rider and Walling acting at guarantors, leased the 3,400-SF building from Mathias on May 13, 2013; the restaurant closed earlier this year.
Detectives Tom Mathias (Richard Harrington) and Mared Rhys (Mali Harries) work the beat, investigating the twisted murders that befall the seaside town of Aberystwyth, a fractured community steeped in folklore.
To include performances by the Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias (Music Centre) Chamber Choir, cellists Nicki Pearce and James Scourse and the Canolfan Gerdd William Mathias Senior Cello Ensemble.
And Abdul Osman revealed brother Mathias has the same problem in Glasgow - because people mistake him for his superstar sibling.
The Mathias Colomb Cree Nation is looking for federal and provincial support in its bid to buy the Hudson Bay Railway and the Port of Churchill.
RAY MATHIAS, a long-serving player with Tranmere who also managed at Chester, remembers games between the two clubs had an "extra edge.
McNett, a Bellingham-based outdoor gear company, promoted Liz Mathias to Chief Operating Officer.
Mathias, SL Green's president, to the company's Board of Directors.