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A nesting doll that is part of a set and is decorated with the features of a woman in traditional Russian dress.

[Russian matrëška, from diminutive of Matrëna, feminine personal name (associated in popular tradition with the mothers of large peasant families), from earlier Matrona, ultimately from Latin mātrōna, matron; see matron.]


(ˌmætrɪˈɒʃkə) ,

matryoshka doll





another word for Russian doll
[C20: from Russian matreshka mother, highly respected lady]
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As the drug-price problem began to look more like a Matryoshka doll with many nested layers, the potential solutions became less clear.
Her objectivity welcome in a field rampant with bias, she shapes her memoir like a Matryoshka doll, her family's story the frame holding histories within histories of the "fatherland" to which she lost her father--its violence during World War II, its tribal origins, the subsequent colonial incursions that carved one culture into sharply divergent ethnicities, and Titos reign.
She points to a sticker, a one-dimensional matryoshka doll, the figure of a smiling dentist, lab coat and all.
A larger- than- life matryoshka doll adorning a black bindi stood painted on wooden slide curtains, from which models emerged dressed in the finery.
The structure of the novel is confusingly divergent, with the frame narrative resembling a Matryoshka doll that encases four stories.
The disquieting monologue that ensues is a matryoshka doll of metaperformances.
Like the matryoshka doll Elena carries, there are a lot of layers to Maguire's story.
CINDERELLA, Northern Ballet, Theatre Royal until Saturday RATHER like a matryoshka doll, this Russian-themed Cinderella is intended to contain layers within layers.
The Matryoshka doll show broke all recent records for attendance,'' he said.
One Matryoshka doll behind, the New Bulgarian Media Group is largely financed by the Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB).
An example of this nested, self-similar organization is the Russian Matryoshka doll.
We employ the Matryoshka doll model merely as a metaphor, for purposes of illustration rather than as evidence.