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(ˌmæt əˈθaɪ əs)

died 167? B.C., Jewish priest in Judea (father of Judas Maccabaeus).
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Another pressmark that employs an eagle is that of Sabbatai Mattathias Bath Sheba (Basevi) and his family, active primarily but not only in Salonika.
Regarding Mattathias Schwartz's "Love of Labor," about the erosion of human skills: What we now call white-collar jobs evolved from trade.
1990 The Hasmoneans and their Supporters: From Mattathias to the death of John Hycarnus I.
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When one of the Jews came forward to make the requisite sacrifice, Mattathias murdered him, and then slew the Greek official.
See Mattathias Schwartz, "A Massacre in Jamaica," New Yorker, December 12, 2011, which quoted the oft cited police figure of 73 civilians.
See Mattathias Schwartz, Unconventional Wisdom, SALON, June
Ainsi il est un lieu de refuge pour l'homme : David y fuit la haine de Safil, Elie la colere de Jezabel et Mattathias la persecution d'Antiochus IV (Gerard 262-63).
In this context, Josephus begins narrating the revolt of Mattathias the Maccabee against the Syrians (12:265).
among miners at the time of the Gold Rush); Mattathias Schwartz, A
It was a different time, and they were certainly living under a repressive regime, but the fact remains that Mattathias did kill other Jews for sacrificing (undoubtedly under some duress) to the wrong god.