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Noun1.Matthew Arnold - English poet and literary critic (1822-1888)Matthew Arnold - English poet and literary critic (1822-1888)
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For though what may be called professed Wordsworthians, including Matthew Arnold, found a value in all that remains of him-- could read anything he wrote, "even the 'Thanksgiving Ode,'-- everything, I think, except 'Vaudracour and Julia,'"--yet still the decisiveness of such selections as those made by Arnold himself, and now by Professor Knight, hint at a certain very obvious difference of level in his poetic work.
Doesn't Matthew Arnold say that somewhere--or is it Swinburne, or Pater?
Hayward talked of Richard Feverel and Madame Bovary, of Verlaine, Dante, and Matthew Arnold.
But whenever I hear of Shelley I repeat to myself the words of Matthew Arnold,
For a sonnet on Stevenson he managed to wring two dollars out of a Boston editor who was running a magazine with a Matthew Arnold taste and a penny-dreadful purse.
Wonder if high school students these days still study and read the classics of world literature like Sohrab and Rustum, written by the English poet, critic and professor Matthew Arnold based on a Syrian legend.
Matthew Arnold and English Education: The Poet's Pioneering Advocacy in Middle Class Instruction
Officers from the specialist Matrix serious and organised crime unit recovered the loaded shotgun following a search of woodland off Dingle Lane, near Matthew Arnold Primary School.
Go Coach director Matthew Arnold said: "We are disappointed.
Divine Fluidity of Movement': Reading Poetry After Matthew Arnold and the Higher Biblical Criticism" (Literature & Theology 27, no.
She said: "I enjoyed great success at Matthew Arnold & Baldwin but I'm ready for a new challenge It was a simple choice to join a leading team in the field, once the management team at SGH Martineau had detailed their ambitious growth plans and the need for a strong restructuring and insolvency team to support the key sectors in which the firm has a strong reputation.
Among 19th-century critics are Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ralph Waldo Emerson, John Stuart Mill, and Matthew Arnold.