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These provide a rich resource for Martin's account: the Epsteins worked in the community of Matupit, and Martin worked among their descendants a generation later.
of Manchester, UK) offers a detailed ethnography of a people whose Pacific Island village of Matupit was partially destroyed by a volcano in 1994.
It was now threatened by rumblings from nearby Matupit volcano.
I examine this distinction through the analysis of a land dispute at Matupit village, near Rabaul Town, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea.
This dispute is between Simon Turana and Andrew ToPal over a piece of land in the Rainatun area of Matupit.
Andrew claimed that part of the payment was taken by ToPokono, an old man controversial for the sale of much of what he claimed to be his clan land around Matupit.
He was looking after his own tubuan and selling other land at Matupit.
After he gave the hat and staff to Militay, he gave them to Tuba of Matupit, then to Pero of Yelakur, then to Bramtovovo of Vunamami |the latter three are all Tolai~.