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Noun1.maturity date - the date on which an obligation must be repaidmaturity date - the date on which an obligation must be repaid
date, day of the month - the specified day of the month; "what is the date today?"
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It claimed that the premium should be recognized when the call right lapsed, or if the right were exercised, amortized over the period between the remarketing and the stated maturity dates.
The ratings of the above bonds address the issuer's ability to pay the senior series 2006A bonds by their legal final maturity dates and to pay the accreted value of the subordinate series 2006B and subordinate series 2006C bonds by their respective legal final maturity dates.
The moral of the story is that maturity dates should be watched closely when reporting a gain on the installment method.
The choice of multiple maturity dates and the ability to invest in more than one fund at the same time, mixing and matching maturity dates to help fulfill more complex investment strategies; and
The third and fourth largest loans have final maturity dates of Dec.
The High Watermark Funds, with maturity dates from five to 15 years, are designed for investors seeking the growth potential of equity markets and to assist investors in achieving their long-term savings goals with some protection from equity-market volatility.
The rating of the CP notes addresses the likelihood that investors will receive timely payments of interest, as per the governing documents, as well as the principal balance due upon their respective maturity dates.
Following these initial scheduled maturity dates, the subsequent scheduled maturity dates will revert to the one year anniversary following the issue date.
Prime Group Realty Trust (NYSE:PGE) (the "Company") announced today that it has extended the maturity dates of two loans having a combined principal amount of $32.
The interest rates, maturity dates, and redemption features of the TASC bonds will be identical to those of the NYCTT II series 2001 bonds.
The expected maturity dates for the A-1, A-2, B, C, and D notes are the payment dates in Aug.
The taxable series 1996 A-2, 1997 A-1, and 1997 A-2 are 91-Day T-Bill floaters with legal final maturity dates of March 1, 2006, Dec.