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(mɔˈmi, ˈmɔ mi)

a river in E Indiana and W Ohio flowing NE to Lake Erie. 175 mi. (280 km) long.
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Enoch Robinson and George Willard met beneath a wooden awning that extended out over the side- walk before Voight's wagon shop on Maumee Street just off the main street of Winesburg.
VTG will shift all of its focus to providing its wide range of IT services to local businesses in Lima, Maumee and the surrounding Northwest Ohio region.
9 ka) for formation of the Maumee, Arkona and Whittlesey shorelines.
And, Ed was quick to point out that he's now a "three-wall grand master," having won 11 in Maumee.
On May 1, 1813, Major General Henry Proctor looked on as soldiers of the Royal Artillery loaded their guns in anticipation of their attack on Fort Meigs, a massive and imposing 10-acre installation on the south banks of the Maumee River.
Maumee Valley Steam & Gas Association 36th Annual Summer show August 15-18th, 2013.
Applied Energy Technologies, a global provider of solar mounting solutions, has opened its new manufacturing facility in Maumee, Ohio.
The eastern sand darter was once common in the Maumee River drainage in Indiana and Ohio (Kirsch, 1895).
30 August 2011 - US national community banking company Capitol Bancorp (OTCQB:CBCR) said on Monday it had agreed to offload its 51% stake in Bank of Maumee to Ohio-based Winding Creek Holdings LLC.
We just got started this week with two of us working together opening up the account raising $1,300, and now we hope to get more participants," said Melissa Gregg, senior marketing specialist at the $369 million Sun FCU of Maumee, Ohio.
com), Maumee, OH, the sales and service subsidiary of the rubber injection press manufacturer Sanyu Industries, Komaki, Japan, has entered into an agreement to represent Japanese rubber processing machinery maker Moriyama in North America.
One SeaGate, located off of Summit Street on the shore of the Maumee River, is a 28-story office tower with an attached pavilion that defines the city's skyline.