Maumee River

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Mau·mee River

 (mô-mē′, mô′mē)
A river rising in northeast Indiana and flowing about 210 km (130 mi) east and northeast to Lake Erie at Toledo, Ohio.
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The $300 million Hollywood Casino Toledo is located on the banks of the Maumee River opposite downtown Toledo.
Patterns of bloom timing and density were then compared to USGS data from a major nearby tributary, the Maumee River, that is linked to bloom development by delivering the algal nutrients phosphorus and nitrogen to Lake Erie.
Spalding DeDecker performed construction layout services for 1,600 feet of 96-inch diameter tunnel beneath the Maumee River.
In 2004, a similar, but larger scale project was completed for the I-280 Maumee River Bridge, located in Toledo, Ohio.
But in a later battle on the Maumee River south of Detroit, Tecumseh, bleeding from wounds, finally was brought down, perhaps by a shot from Col.
The International Joint Commission--including the United States and Canada-has set a goal to decrease annual total phosphorus loading from the Maumee River basin, the largest single tributary to Lake Erie, by 39 percent, while the Ohio Phosphorus Task Force has recommended reducing spring phosphorus loads by 37 percent.
The oak openings Region, remnants of the Great Black Swamp, and the Maumee River are just some of the park district's treasures.
It's fed by the Maumee River from an intake three miles upstream from the factory.
Families impacted by Maumee River flooding will receive special pricing on furniture and mattresses
Tenders are invited for Land Application of Biosolids for the Maumee River Wastewater Treatment Plant.
On May 1, 1813, Major General Henry Proctor looked on as soldiers of the Royal Artillery loaded their guns in anticipation of their attack on Fort Meigs, a massive and imposing 10-acre installation on the south banks of the Maumee River.
Toledo draws its drinking water supplies from Lake Erie and the algae blooms there have been traced to fertilizer runoff from farms carried into the lake by the Maumee River, which drains a large portion of northwestern Ohio and northeastern Indiana.