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 (môr′ĭ-tā′nē-ə, -tān′yə, mär′-)
An ancient district of the Roman Empire in present-day Morocco and Algeria. Settled by a Berber people, it was ruled by Rome from c. 100 bc to the fifth century ad.

Mau′re·ta′ni·an adj. & n.


1. (Historical Terms) an ancient region of N Africa, corresponding approximately to the N parts of modern Algeria and Morocco
2. (Placename) an ancient region of N Africa, corresponding approximately to the N parts of modern Algeria and Morocco


or Mau•ri•ta•ni•a

(ˌmɔr ɪˈteɪ ni ə)

an ancient kingdom in NW Africa: it included the territory that is modern Morocco and part of Algeria.
Mau`re•ta′ni•an, adj., n.
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The liner, Mauretania, which held the Blue Riband for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic, was launched here in 1907.
The newly completed Mauretania sails down the Tyne from Swan Hunter, Wallsend, on the afternoon of October 22 1907
And the trans-Atlantic crossings were quick too - by the early 20th century the liner Mauretania with a capacity of 2,300 passengers was able to cross the Atlantic in four-and-a-half days - a record held for 30 years when the liner Queen Mary reduced the crossing time by half a day.
In its move to back the Arab countries decision, Mauretania announced Tuesday that it had severed its relations with Qatar over the same set of concerns.
The Royal Mausoleum of Mauretania is a part of a unique archeological site along the road from Cherchell to Tipaza.
Representatives of Jordan, UAE, Tunisia, Djibouti, KSA, Sudan, Somali, Iraq, Oman, Palestine, Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Mauretania, and Yemen partook in the event.
It was the best ship's plate available at the time, and the plates for the earlier Mauretania would have been very similar.
The gleaming brass bell is from Cunard's Edwardian superliner, RMS Mauretania, known as the lucky sister of the Lusitania, which sank after being torpedoed by a German U-boat in May, 1915.
Nouakchott, (SANA)-Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minster Fayssal Mikdad Tuesday discussed with the Mauritanian General Secretary of the Foreign and Cooperation Ministry Ali Ould Haiba means of enhancing cooperation and bilateral relations between Syria and Mauretania.
Before joining the EU Foreign Service, Ambassador Wronecka served as Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Morocco, Mauretania (non-resident), Egypt, and Sudan (non-resident),.
They threatened to kill him on 26 July if some of their men held in Mauretania were not freed.