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 (môr′ē-äk′, môr-yäk′), François 1885-1970.
French writer many of whose novels, notably Thérèse Desqueyroux (1927), are psychological studies of temptation, sin, and redemption in the lives of bourgeois characters. He won the 1952 Nobel Prize for literature.


(French mɔrjak)
(Biography) François (frɑ̃swa). 1885–1970, French novelist, noted esp for his psychological studies of the conflict between religious belief and human desire. His works include Le désert de l'amour (1925), Thérèse Desqueyroux (1927), and Le nœud de vipères (1932): Nobel prize for literature 1952



François, 1885–1970, French novelist: Nobel prize 1952.
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Noun1.Mauriac - French novelist who wrote about the conflict between desire and religious belief (1885-1970)
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Pero a diferencia de lo que suele entenderse por esa palabra, la compasion de Mauriac no significa complicidad con el mal --forma intoxicada de la piedad que Graham Greene describio magnificamente en su novela El reves de la trama--; la suya, que bebe del misterio de la Revelacion, tiene en su fondo un juicio que salva a la criatura.
Mauriac terminated for all practical purposes his editorial activity in occupied France in early August 1940 (in addition to several literary pieces, moreover loaded with ideological 'contraband', in the Figaro litteraire, he was only to publish a series of articles for the Gazette de Lausanne in 1942) and refused to publish in Drieu La Rochelle's Nouvelle Revue francaise.
Contract notice for works contract for the renovation of building facades 2 high school Franois Mauriac in Bordeaux - Operation No.
His topics include after The Tragic Vision: Krieger and criticism, Lentricchia and crisis, witnessing the impossible: Laub, Felman, and the testimony of trauma; counter-redemptive hermeneutics in Wiesel, Mauriac, Blanchot, Levinas, and Genesis 1; and literary reading, the M|bian, and the posthumous.
Mauriac Syndrome is a well-known but nowadays uncommon condition that presents with growth retardation secondary to poor glycaemic control.
Disillusioned, the apolitical Laurent begins to collaborate with La Table ronde, a journal founded by Francois Mauriac in the absence of the Nouvelle Revue Francaise in order to counter Les Temps modernes.
The students were paired up with those of a similar age from the Lycee Polyvalent de Mauriac in the Auvergne region.
In one famous exchange over the purge trials of Vichy collaborators, Camus reacted strongly against Catholic intellectual Francois Mauriac for "throwing Christ in my face.
En buena medida gracias a los esfuerzos de Francois Mauriac, circulo una peticion de clemencia para el caso Brasillach.
Francois Mauriac, premio Nobel de literatura 1952, se inspiro en un hecho real ocurrido a principios del siglo para escribir Therese Desqueyroux; la estructura de la novela es compleja, comienza con el resultado del juicio de Teresa, sigue un largo monologo interior, y el punto de vista narrativo cambia repentinamente en la ultima parte.
An adaptation of the Francois Mauriac novel "Therese Desqueyroux," in which she starred, closed the festival last year.
authors of the Catholic revival of the 1920s and 1930s, such as Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh, Georges Bernanos, and Francois Mauriac, bear an uneasy relation to the term 'modernism'-their protagonists contemplate theological issues of sin and redemption in the context of fairly conventional novels of manners or genres such as detective fiction" (18).