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Noun1.Max Perutz - English biochemist (born in Austria); studied the molecular structure of blood (1914-2002)
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While at Cambridge, he had great mentors, including the hemoglobin molecular biologists Herman Lehmann and Max Perutz (the latter of whom was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1962).
Max Perutz, molecular biologist and Nobel Prize winner 1962
Others featured are footballer and manager Joe Mercer, economist Barbara Ward, special operations executive agent Noorunissa Inayat Khan, Nobel laureate Max Perutz, broadcaster Roy Plomley, writer Joan Littlewood and graphic designer Abram Games.
The 1962 Nobel Prize in chemistry went to John Kendrew and Max Perutz "for their studies of the structures of globular proteins.
The pace of such work has definitely speeded up over the years, from the time when it took Max Perutz 30 years to work out the structure of hemoglobin, a protein with a quaternary structure (Ferry, 2007).
Colleagues at Cambridge, including the Nobel Laureate Max Perutz, had spoken angrily to Bob about the dangers of what he was trying to do.
What a time I am having; selected letters of Max Perutz.
Nobel Prize winner Max Perutz, whose eventful life has just drawn to an end, is best known as a brilliant scientist.