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Noun1.Max Planck - German physicist whose explanation of blackbody radiation in the context of quantized energy emissions initiated quantum theory (1858-1947)
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Investigadores de la Universidad del Sur de Dinamarca, del instituto Max Plank y de la Universidad Duke, encabezados por Virginia Zarulli, doctora en demografia, publicaron el 8 de enero el articulo "Women live longer than men even during severe famines and epidemics" ("Las mujeres viven mas que los hombres, incluso durante hambrunas y epidemias graves"), en la pagina de internet de Actas de la Academia Estadounidense de Ciencias (PNAS, por sus siglas en ingles), un trabajo en el que revisaron situaciones criticas para la vida, que sucedieron entre los siglos XVIII y XX, e incluso en poblaciones en situaciones normales.
011, 1st ISP R10 (184 DP) RLT Schacht laboratory P-2011, 2nd floor ISP R20 (146 DP) the Product bonding for the automation stations consists of the following listed reasons: on the campus of the Max Plank Institute already has an extensive GA-system, which is partially decentralized operated per building, yet , As part of this measure, the unification of all existing on campus automation stations to a brand occurs to complete the elaborate homogenization of the automation level (monetary and technical) on campus may be the manufacturer of the automation level statically defined.
Mittemeijer is a faculty member of both the Max Plank Institute for Intelligent Systems and the University of Stuttgart, Germany.
Scientists at the Universities of Oxford, St Andrews, Bristol and the Max Plank Institute in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, found correlations between handedness and a network of genes involved in establishing left-right asymmetry in developing embryos.
Heinrich Bulthoff, Max Plank Institute of Technology; and Dr.
The institute is linked to external laboratories at leading universities and research centers, such as the Max Plank Institute in Germany, the University of Illinois in the United States, Leeds University in Britain and the Chinese Academy of Sciences," Al-Othman said in a statement to Saudi Press Agency.
Theory Group at Max Plank Institute for Quantum Optics www.
projects for plasma heating, including experiments at Japan's National Institute for Fusion Science and Germany's Max Plank Institute for Plasma Physics.
In a quest to discover how closely we are related to the apes, Crickette Sanz of the delightfully named Max Plank Institute, Leipzig, and David Morgan from Cambridge University, hid cameras around a group of chimpanzees in the Congolese jungle, so that their habits could be observed.
Karl Ziegler at Germany's Max Plank Institute for Coal Chemistry developed another low-pressure/low-temperature catalyst system.
Wild-type zebrafish (Danio rerio, WIK strain; Max Plank Institute, Tubingen, Germany) maintained out-bred for three generations since capture were bred in our laboratory for one generation in clean freshwater before their use in this study.
But according to Jim Oeppen, from Cambridge University, and Dr James Vaupel, from the Max Plank Institute for Demography in Rostock, Germany, people could be living considerably longer in years to come.