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 (rīn′härt′), Jean Baptiste Known as "Django." 1910-1953.
Belgian-born French jazz guitarist noted for his improvisational skills. Despite losing the use of two fingers in an injury to his left hand in 1928, he remained an influential performer throughout his life.


, Max Originally Max Goldmann. 1873-1943.
Austrian theatrical director and manager whose experimental, large-scale productions in the early 1900s included Oedipus Rex and The Miracle.


1. (Biography) Django (ˈdʒæŋɡəʊ), real name Jean Baptiste Reinhardt. 1910–53, French jazz guitarist, whose work was greatly influenced by Gypsy music. With Stéphane Grappelli, he led the Quintet of the Hot Club of France between 1934 and 1939
2. (Biography) Max, original name Max Goldmann. 1873–1943, Austrian theatre producer and director, in the US after 1933


(ˈraɪn hɑrt)

Max (Max Goldmann), 1873–1943, German theater director and producer, born in Austria.
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The longtime director paid tribute to eminent theater directors such as Max Reinhardt, Erwin Piscator and Benno Besson, who had already combined styles, adapted novels and used film in their stagings at the VolksbE-hne.
Just a Director Max Reinhardt called the Vienna-born star "the most beautiful woman in Europe" and her smouldering sensuality made her a huge box office draw.
He then worked with Max Reinhardt before moving on to the Munchner Hofbuhnen, where he rose to stardom.
She studied at The Dance Academy in Cologne and the Max Reinhardt Seminary Drama School in Vienna.
She began her acting career as a teenager under innovative Austrian director Max Reinhardt and appeared in several German films.
Especially useful here is her account of how the play was modified by the intervention of prominent artistic directors such as the Pitoeffs in Paris (April 1923) and Max Reinhardt in Berlin (December 1924).
Heavily influenced by America's Ziegfeld Follies, it follows the tradition of German directors such as the great Max Reinhardt.
Ainsi, parallelement a son doctorat en droit, il s'illustre au sein de la troupe de Max Reinhardt, en tant qu'assistant du celebre homme de theatre puis en tant que metteur en scene.
The show - the title of which is a quote from The Tempest - features original music by Max Reinhardt and Finn Peters, which has been derived directly from the musicality of Shakespeare's language.
The opera is an adaptation of the same Caldern drama that Strauss's collaborator Hofmannsthal re-worked as The Toweraround the same time as he was devising his great outdoor folk-theatre spectacles with Max Reinhardt.
His second role on Broadway was The Eternal Road, a musical Jewish history by Kurt Weill and directed by Max Reinhardt.
Holzmeister repeatedly worked as a stage designer beginning in the 1930s in collaboration with Max Reinhardt for whom he created the Faust-City for the Salzburg Festival.