a.1.(Anat.) Pertaining to the maxilla and mandible; as, the maxillo-mandibular nerve.
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The lesion removed after sectioning with bur and maxillo-mandibular fixation (MMF) were not thought to be necessary while the buccal and lingual cortexes were mostly reliable for preventing a fracture.
One study concluded that ANB and Wits must be included in 3D cephalometric analyses as both are necessary to undertake a more accurate diagnosis of the maxillo-mandibular relationship of the patients26.
Maxillo-mandibular relationship, teeth arrangement and processing were done in conventional manner.
Maxillo-mandibular relation (ANB) in males and females was recorded as 2.
Fibrous Dysplasia in the Maxillo-Mandibular Region--Case Report.
wumingensis is distinguishable by small barbels, maxillo-mandibular barbels shorter than eye diameter; a long fingerlike lamina circularis; a sharp and nearly filamentous tip of the pectoral-fin ray in males; [L.
Most patients need maxillo-mandibular fixation for adequate reconstruction.
Temporomandibular joint function and the maxillo-mandibular relation are as much a part of oc- clusion as are the teeth.
Namara) Mandibular body length Distance Go-Me (Bjork) Goniac angle Ar-Go-MP (Bjork) Upper goniac angle Ar-Go and N-Go (Bjork) Lower goniac angle N-Go and MP (Bjork) Maxillo-mandibular difference Mc Namara NBA angle NA and NB (Riedel) Angle of convexity NA and A pog (Downs) Palatal plane and mandibular PP and MP (Kim) plane angle Occlusal plane angle and mandibular plane Witts Distance AO-BO (Jacobson) Y axis FH and S-Gn Ricketts facial axis angle Ba-N and Ptm-Gn (Ricketts) Anterior-inferior facial height Distance ANS-Me (Mc.
Photocopies would not constitute the method of choice for proper replacement of plaster models, since they depict two-dimensional static images and do not allow the assessment of maxillo-mandibular relationships.
Maxillo-mandibular fixation: utility and current techniques in modern practice.