mazal tov

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ma·zal tov

 (mä′zəl tôf′, tôv′, tōv′)
Variant of mazel tov.
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El tema Haba Naguila suele estar en popurri con la cancion Mazel Tov, tema tambien de letra corta: Mazal Tov Siman tov umazal tov, Umazal tov vesiman tov, Yehe lanu, yehe lanu Ulechol Yisrael (30).
But Carlos Mazal, (111) believes the existence of the Peruvian law enabled Peru to strategically negotiate in 2006 a Free Trade Agreement with the United States titled "Understanding regarding Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge.
Vendula KRATOCHVILOVA (1a), Frantisek VLASIC (1b), Pavel MAZAL (1c)
Mazal Tov to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their son.
Berois N, Mazal D, Ubillos L, Trajtenberg F, Nicolas A, Sastre-Garau X, et al.
Fm reminded of a Talmudic passage in Tractate Shabbat that discusses the concept of Mazal, the Jewish version of astrological fortune or destiny: Esau was born under the red planet of Mars and was therefore bloodthirsty.
Laurence Mazal, representative of this institution pointed out the importance of this meeting, which is a means to support the democratic transition process started by Tunisia and help it make the most of the experiences of other countries in drafting their new constitutions.
He who was born on the mazal of Mars will shed blood--either a surgeon, or a murderer, or a butcher, or a mohel.
The entity that Chetrit used to purchase the note, Mazel 315 West 35 LLC, was misspelled and incorrectly recorded as Mazal 315 W35 LLC.
Mazal (1978) reports that migraine onset is mostly during pregnancy and can be exacerbated by oral contraceptives.
4) Como Mazal Oaknin afirma, esta voz "no solo surge como fuente de informacion para proporcionar voz a los que guardaron forzoso silencio sino que ademas, se yergue en un elemento reconciliador con el pasado.
Pinto Mazal, Jorge 1974 La autonomia universitaria.