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 (măz′ə-răN′), Jules Originally Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino. 1602-1661.
Italian-born French cardinal who exercised great political influence as adviser to the regent during Louis XIV's youth.


(ˈmæzərɪn; French mazarɛ̃)
(Biography) Jules (ʒyl), original name Giulio Mazarini. 1602–61, French cardinal and statesman, born in Italy. He succeeded Richelieu (1642) as chief minister to Louis XIII and under the regency of Anne of Austria (1643–61). Despite the disturbances of the Fronde (1648–53), he strengthened the power of France in Europe


(ˌmæz əˈrɛ̃, -ˈrin)

Jules (Giulio Mazarini), 1602–61, French cardinal and statesman, born in Italy.
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Now Mazarin was alone and defenceless, as he well knew.
Yes, yes," Mazarin continued, whilst his wonted smile, full of subtlety, lent a strange expression to his pale lips; "yes, these noises prove to me, indeed, that the destiny of favorites is precarious; but ye shall know I am no ordinary favorite.
It is said that Mazarin, who, though a cardinal, had not taken such vows as to prevent it, was secretly married to Anne of Austria.
Crushed and impoverished by taxation -- imposed by Mazarin, whose avarice impelled him to grind them down to the very dust -- the people, as the Advocate-General Talon described it, had nothing left to them except their souls; and as those could not be sold by auction, they began to murmur.
Two days afterward these same magistrates appeared before the cardinal and their spokesman addressed Mazarin with so much fearlessness and determination that the minister was astounded and sent the deputation away with the same answer as it had received from the Duke of Orleans -- that he would see what could be done; and in accordance with that intention a council of state was assembled and the superintendent of finance was summoned.
Mazarin endeavored to circulate among the people a report that troops had only been stationed on the quays and on the Pont Neuf, on account of the ceremonial of the day, and that they would soon withdraw.
All eyes, after having admired the young king, so handsome and so agreeable, sought for that other king of France, much otherwise king than the former, and so old, so pale, so bent, that people called him the Cardinal Mazarin.
de Mazarin, the king arose, and, at the invitation of his aunt, walked about among the ranks of the assembly.
de Mazarin jumped by a note and a half to reply above the diapason of his usual voice.
Monseigneur," replied he, "Mesdemoiselles de Mazarin have still to finish their education: they have duties to fulfill, and a position to make.
drawing still nearer to Mazarin, under the pretext of gaining a better point of view, "look at that simple white dress by the side of those antiquated specimens of finery, and those pretentious coiffures.
He came up just at the moment Mazarin terminated by saying: "Mary, as well as her sisters, has just set off for Brouage.