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A historical region of northeast Poland. Ruled by the Teutonic Knights after the 1300s and later part of East Prussia, it was assigned to Poland by the Potsdam Conference of 1945.

Ma·su′ri·an adj.


(Placename) a region of NE Poland: until 1945 part of East Prussia: includes the Masurian Lakes, scene of Russian defeats by the Germans (1914, 1915) during World War I


(məˈzʊər i ə)

a region in NE Poland, formerly in East Prussia, Germany.
German, Ma•su•ren (mɑˈzu rən)
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The story seems to have originated in the memoirs of Jan Chryzotom Pasek (1636-1701), a Polish nobleman from Mazuria, who, like Mazepa, was a page at the court of the Polish king Jan Kazimierz.
The main narrative unfolds in 1945-46 in the Morag Lake region of Mazuria, a border territory that, after a long period under German control, reverts to Polish rule.
8) A large number of Werner's "Slavic" bow fibulae had been found prior to World War II in a limited area in Mazuria (northeastern Poland), in archaeological assemblages that were foreign to anything archaeologists recognized as typically "Slavic.
Indeed, the strongest contacts between the Carpathian basin and northern Europe were in the early 500s, when a number of artifacts of Scandinavian origin made their way into Hungarian burial assemblages, while "imports" from "Gepidia" appear in assemblages from Mazuria, Eastern Prussia, and Lithuania.
Oldenberg and some local Protestant clergy believed that it was a conspiracy on the part of the Catholic Church to infiltrate Prussian Mazuria and unite Catholic Ermland with Catholic West Prussia and Czarist Poland.
The provincial official studied the document and issued a seventeen-page response that agreed with Kassa's assessment on the issue of the annual dues, but disputed the growth of the Catholic Church in Mazuria because government statistics showed a decline in membership throughout the last decade.
It is located at 52[degrees] 46' North and 23[degrees] 52' East in the southernmost part of the lowlands of Podlaquia and Bialowieza, in the natural forest province of Mazuria and Podlaquia.
There is also clear archaeological evidence of a later colonization of the forest, toward the end of the fourteenth century, most probably stemming from the Polish region of Mazuria and further south of Rutenia, today in the Ukraine.
El toponimo de Mazuria, region de Polonia celebre por sus terribles cienagas, figura en cualquier Atlas.
Se nos puede argumentar, y de hecho asi ha sido, que no tiene demasiada importancia poner Mazur o Mazuria.
Successes began to multiply, however, when the order helped the Polish duke of Mazuria defend his provinces against the attacks of Prussian pagans.