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 (mät-sē′nē), Giuseppe 1805-1872.
Italian patriot who led efforts to form a unified, independent Italy under a republican government. He worked primarily from exile in France, Switzerland, and England.


(Italian matˈtsiːni)
(Biography) Giuseppe (dʒuˈzɛppe). 1805–72, Italian nationalist. In 1831, in exile, he established the Young Italy association in Marseille, which sought to unite Italy as a republic. In 1849 he was one of the triumvirate that ruled the short-lived Roman republic


(mɑtˈsi ni, mɑdˈzi-)

Giuseppe, 1805–72, Italian patriot.
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Noun1.Mazzini - Italian nationalist whose writings spurred the movement for a unified and independent Italy (1805-1872)Mazzini - Italian nationalist whose writings spurred the movement for a unified and independent Italy (1805-1872)
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He will not be of much use to us, though he is a devoted champion of liberty in blank verse, and dedicates his works to Mazzini, etc.
What can we expect, then, when we have only poor gallant blundering men like Kossuth, Garibaldi, Mazzini, and righteous causes which do not triumph in their hands--men who have holes enough in their armour, God knows, easy to be hit by respectabilities sitting in their lounging chairs, and having large balances at their bankers'?
By 1854 Duffy was calling for Mazzini to be renounced as Satan.
An expressive, intense dancer, Annmaria Mazzini carved out her niche in the Paul Taylor Dance Company's repertoire with indelible performances in pieces like Rite of Spring (The Rehearsal) and Speaking in Tongues, When she retired from the company after 12 years in 2011, it seemed impossible to imagine another dancer in those roles, so completely had she made them her own.
Dhruvpal Godara topscored with four goals for Panther, while Gerardo Mazzini scored three goals for Elevation.
After the first chukker, both the teams stood at two goals each with Abhimanyu Pathak and Simran Shergill scoring one goal each in favor of Jindal Panthers and Satinder Garcha and Geraldo Mazzini scoring one goal each in favor of Elevation.
He devotes considerable space to assessing the philosopher Giovanni Gentile's neo-Hegelian view of Giuseppe Mazzini, the prophet of Italian unification.
Adrian Lyttleton, in "The Hero and the People," focuses on the images of Mazzini and Garibaldi as mediated by Romantic myths of individualism and martyrdom.
Former Italian soccer federation vice president Innocenzo Mazzini was sentenced to 26 months and former referee Massimo De Santis was given 23 months.
Set in the Edwardian era, the film revolves around the eccentric D'Ascoyne family - all played by Guinness - whose sizeable fortune proves a temptation too great for Louis Mazzini, the rightful heir to the estate.
Giuseppe Mazzini is almost forgotten today, but in nineteenth-century Europe the Italian activist-philosopher was one of the most influential public voices.
On a rugged shore in Sicily balances the home of the Mazzini family.