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 (mät-sē′nē), Giuseppe 1805-1872.
Italian patriot who led efforts to form a unified, independent Italy under a republican government. He worked primarily from exile in France, Switzerland, and England.


(Italian matˈtsiːni)
(Biography) Giuseppe (dʒuˈzɛppe). 1805–72, Italian nationalist. In 1831, in exile, he established the Young Italy association in Marseille, which sought to unite Italy as a republic. In 1849 he was one of the triumvirate that ruled the short-lived Roman republic


(mɑtˈsi ni, mɑdˈzi-)

Giuseppe, 1805–72, Italian patriot.
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Noun1.Mazzini - Italian nationalist whose writings spurred the movement for a unified and independent Italy (1805-1872)Mazzini - Italian nationalist whose writings spurred the movement for a unified and independent Italy (1805-1872)
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What can we expect, then, when we have only poor gallant blundering men like Kossuth, Garibaldi, Mazzini, and righteous causes which do not triumph in their hands--men who have holes enough in their armour, God knows, easy to be hit by respectabilities sitting in their lounging chairs, and having large balances at their bankers'?
He will not be of much use to us, though he is a devoted champion of liberty in blank verse, and dedicates his works to Mazzini, etc.
Gerardo Mazzini converted three goals while Hissam Ali Hyder and Raja Mikael shared one goal each.
In the third match of the day, Barry's had its upper hand through Juan Maria Ruiz (Tito), who scored four goals and Bilal Haye and Ramiro Zavaleta shared two goals each and from the losing end, Gerado Mazzini hit three while Hissam Ali Hyder got two goals.
Master Paints Black fully dominated the first chukker as Gerardo Mazzini pumped in a hat-trick to give his team 3-0 edge.
He covers against the passions of revolution: making the moderate sensibility 1815-48; grand vision, minor demands: the themes and sources of 1840s moderatism; the truths of the heart: passions, sentiments, and faith from Mazzini to Nievo; and the reason of the elites: constitutional moderatism in the Kingdom of Sardinia 1849-61.
At Lingfield, MAZZINI looks sure to give a good account of himself in the Listed Betway Golden Rose Stakes (3.
JOCKEY George Wood made headlines at the weekend and can secure another decent pot with Mazzini in the Barentsz Gin Challenge Handicap at Chelmsford.
George Wood can triumph on Mazzini at Chelmsford tonight
Annmaria Mazzini dealt with hip pain during much of her 12-year run with the Paul Taylor Dance Company, and it grew especially intense in her last two years.
Il patriottismo di Mazzini sottende l'intero discorso che e volto a delineare una visione di politica culturale chiara.
By 1854 Duffy was calling for Mazzini to be renounced as Satan.