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(ˈbɑn dɑˌkɑ, əmˈbɑn-)

a city in the W Democratic Republic of the Congo. 125,263.
Formerly, Coquilhatville.
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An overhaul of the ports of Ilebo, Mbandaka, and Kisangani is also on the agenda as well as the construction of a deep-water port in Banana.
Sprouts were the most common food commodity for serotype Mbandaka (3 [75%] of 4 outbreaks).
Noe literally put Mbandaka -- and the people who live there -- on the map.
Under questioning the five said their group had orders to carry out simultaneous attacks on the western DRC towns of Mbandaka, Lukolela, Bolobo, Kwamouth, Kinshasa and Matadi, Lumanu said.
Regional capitals--Bandundu, Bukavu, Goma, Kananga, Kindu, Kisangani, Lubumbashi, Matadi, Mbandaka, Mbuji-Mayi.
During his two years in DRC MAG says he was involved in many lifesaving clearance projects 'including the underwater removal of 18 items of UXO (unexploded ordnance) and more than 17,000 items of small arms ammunition found in Mbandaka Harbour.
In 1997, Patrick Fungele (he declined to give his real name) was a 22-year-old Congolese student studying Languages and Pedagogy at the Institut Sup andeacute;rieur de Mbandaka, in the city of Mbandaka in western Democratic Republic of Congo.
May 27 2010 -- The Hungarian Agricultural Office, Food and Feed Control Department has detected Salmonella Mbandaka in a consignment of linseed oilcake from Ukraine.
So impressed are the riverboat's crew and passengers with my mastery of weaponry and tactics that they have enthusiastically suggested I disembark at the next port of call to give the annual lecture at the classics department of Mbandaka Polytechnic University--which, they tell me, is one of the most prestigious universities in the region.
A Congolese Army munitions depot near Mbandaka in Equateur Province was destroyed in an explosion, which killed three people and injured 52.
Results for 74 isolates taken at random from plots A-H indicated Mbandaka 14+ (39/74) and Montevideo (26/74) were the most common serovars found in biosolids, while Hessarek (11/11) was the only serovar isolated from sheep 3313 (Table 2).