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(ˈbi ni, əmˈbi-)
the mainland portion of Equatorial Guinea, on the Gulf of Guinea. 10,040 sq. mi. (26,003 sq. km). Formerly, Río Muni.
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Projects agreed at the investment forum in Dalian, China, included Chinese participation in the construction of a petroleum hub at Luba, an industrial city at Mbini, and a hydroelectric plant on the Wele River.
In addition, Equatorial Guinea's Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy signed three memoranda of understanding (MOU) to develop projects in the country, including one with the China Dalian International Cooperation Group (CDIG) to start preliminary technical studies for developing the western industrial city of Mbini.
MoU with CDIG for the execution of a study for development of the Industrial City of Mbini.
An oil refinery with production capacity of 22,000 b/d at Mbini was planned but now appears to have been shelved.
The moderate-risk category includes foci in Nola-Bilolo and Lobaye Prefecture (Central African Republic), Bipindi and Campo (Cameroon), Kango and Port Gentil (Gabon), Mbini (Equatorial Guinea), and areas in Bouenza and Gamboma (Congo).
For example, the presence of pigs in Mbini focus of Equatorial Guinea is believed to be responsible for the persistence of infection despite several years of treatment (30).
The development of a new 22,000b/d refinery at Mbini looks to be one step closer to a final investment decision (FID) after the government opened the project to tender in February 2011.
Energy - the industrial city of Mbini, Luba oil and gas port and the Petrochemicals Revolution project are key areas for investment.
HOUSTON -- KBR (NYSE: KBR) today announced that it has been awarded a contract by The Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea to provide a Conceptual Study and associated Project Management Services for the development of a low complexity, modular 20,000 barrel per day (BPD) refinery at Mbini in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, West Africa.
As an example of increasing public health efforts, the Minister said that Equatorial Guinea delivers food to the sick in different cities such as Malabo, Bata, Baney, Riaba, Niefang, Kogo, and Mbini, at a cost of more than eight million CFA francs each month.
Plans to build a new refinery on the continent in Mbini and a petrochemical plant on the island of Bioko will end the country's complete dependence on imports for refined petroleum products.
The continental ports of Mbini and Cogo have deteriorated as well and are now used primarily for timber.