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 (mə-gŭf′ē), William Holmes 1800-1873.
American educator who compiled the McGuffey Eclectic Readers (1836-1857), schoolbooks that combined reading lessons with moralistic teachings.


(məˈgʌf i)

William Holmes, 1800–73, U.S. educator.
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Noun1.McGuffey - United States educator who compiled the McGuffey Eclectic Readers (1800-1873)
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Richardson, 31,and childhood friend and song writer Keith McGuffey,are opening a music academy,The Music Workshop,in Louisville next month.
Although they drew their name from Reverend William Holmes McGuffey and his brother, Alexander, neither man had much input into the readers after the first edition.
The Bulldogs return two Golden League champions, senior Dustin Alleman at 160 pounds and junior Dan Luna at 145 pounds, and second-place finishers in Evan Salas (152), Brennan Lang (112) and Dale McGuffey (171).
Nowhere were Jews subjected to such a prolonged and harsh assault as in the McGuffey Readers.
The Founders did not speak of the responsibility of the state to inculcate virtue because they took it for granted that the state (read the states) would do so, and indeed the McGuffey Readers alone, we learn from Prof.
Ryan (1987) has described how the McGuffey graded reader series was used to inculcate discipline, good conduct, punctuality, respect for authority, and other commonly held social values.
According to English language scholar Arthur Applebee, The McGuffey Readers, which were the popular textbooks of the day, mirrored earlier prominent works in a dedication to Protestant ethics and simplistic notions of truth.
William McGuffey wrote his famous "Eclectic Readers," of which 120 million copies were printed.
His recent book, The Book of Virtues, an updated version of the morally instructive McGuffey readers from the nineteenth century, has been on the list of best selling books in The New York Times for the better part of a year.
The wood stoves have been replaced by central heat, the library now offers CNN as well as McGuffey readers, and guest rooms are furnished with oversized Victorian beds with fluffy comforters and extra pillows.
Jim McGuffey, CPP, is the general manager of the New England area of Brink's Inc.