meals on wheels

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meals on wheels



(Social Welfare) (functioning as singular) social welfare Brit a service, usually subsidized, and run by a social services department or voluntary body, which delivers hot meals to elderly or housebound people who might otherwise be unable to have them
rozvoz potravin
donáška jedla
muhtaçlara dağıtılan yemek


(miːl) noun
the food taken at one time. She eats three meals a day.
meals on wheels
free meals delivered by car etc to the elderly and the sick.
make a meal of (something)
to take more than the necessary amount of time or trouble over (something) or make (it) seem more complicated than it really is. He really made a meal of that job – it took him four hours!
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Its an issue that Toyota, Collin County Meals on Wheels and VNA Texas Meals on Wheels, are tackling head on.
com)-- On Saturday, January 20th, over 100 community volunteers, businesses and groups will participate in Meals On Wheels of Tampa's Produce On Wheels (POW
CARDIFF'S meals on wheels are here to stay - but the city's council has warned that the cost could go up by PS1 a meal.
MORE than 46,000 vulnerable elderly people have had their meals on wheels service axed in three years under vicious Tory cuts.
The total number of meals provided by UK meals on wheels services and lunch clubs has more than halved from 40m to 19m in the past decade, according to the association.
A MEALS on wheels service celebrated its third anniversary with a buffet lunch in the Colne Valley.
A 101-Y Y EAR-old Midland woman has become the oldest resident in her city to start receiving Meals on Wheels.
I READ reports that the Government is planning to slash meals on wheels for vulnerable older people.
Many Meals on Wheels clients in Llandudno and Penrhyn Bay have already been told they will no longer receive the current service, which provides a hot dinner plated up by a volunteer.
For those who are still fit and well enough to live in their own home, but cannot get out to do the shopping, there is Meals on Wheels.
Harrah's Entertainment Inc, a US-based gaming company, has announced donating a meal delivery truck to Meals on Wheels, a non-profit organisation, serving Central Virginia, US.
The program is now known as Meals on Wheels, and unlike the original program, the majority of meals are home-delivered by volunteers.