Mean proportional

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(Math.) the square root of their product.

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But by electoral reform, I don't mean proportional representation - any MP who is elected should win 50% of the vote.
Under the Barnett formula, cuts in English-only departments such as health and education mean proportional cuts in the amount of money heading to Wales.
4) Regression Assay coefficient Mean proportional method (95% CI) bias, (b)% HPLC(a) 1.
When GC-MS vs FPIA was compared with GC-MS vs HPLC, it became apparent that the above-mentioned ranges of percentages for the two comparisons were virtually the same size for fasting tHcy concentrations, but that HPLC showed a larger negative mean proportional bias (the antilog of the mean difference calculated from log-transformed data) than FPIA.
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