Measuring wheel

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an odometer, or perambulator.

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SICK reports it has launched the DUS60 incremental encoder and DUV60 measuring wheel encoder with DIP switch programmability to provide users with a versatile and economical user-configurable motion control sensor.
Utilization of a measuring wheel is an accepted analog method of acquiring large measurements in land surveying and accident reconstruction as it is efficient, accurate, and can be used for a broad range of distances [4, 5].
Measuring wheel assembly torque, speed, tire torque, and tire temperature allows for the output energy to be contrasted.
Although the technology for detecting the potential for derailment and preventing it can take many forms, the parametric approach of measuring wheel vibration and detecting track curvature is an effective and relatively simple means of preventing one set of circumstances that could lead to derailment.
Use a measuring wheel like this one from Calculated Industries.
Fitch's report, Measuring Wheel, said strong activity in the commercial construction sector is driving non-residential spending, which increased by 12.
Homeschool Programs at Wachusett Meadow Experience a watershed model and then follow an intermittent stream that feeds the Wildlife Pond using a GPS unit and a measuring wheel, 1-3 p.
If you do not have a track, borrow a measuring wheel from the local high school cross country coach and measure a 400 meter oval on the grass fields on school grounds.
Since then Helme and Buyaka have run a number of joint projects, including the virtual Olympics, in which the Ugandan children took part and sent their results, with winners being awarded medals and certificates from England presented by local dignitary, the District Education Officer The Huddersfield school raised money to provide skipping ropes, footballs and a measuring wheel for the Ugandan school's event.
The MA20 measuring wheel encoder provides position and speed feedback for conveyor systems.
It's a measuring wheel, a rolling tool that Streeter - a lease representative who worked for the company that owns the billboards - always had handy.
When the bale reaches its proper length, the measuring wheel trips the tying mechanism and the needle, with the help of the tucker finger, brings the second strand of twine through the guide on the knife arm, across the bill hook and into the twine disk.