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 (mĕd′ə-wər), Sir Peter Brian 1915-1987.
Brazilian-born British biologist. He shared a 1960 Nobel Prize for his work on acquired immune tolerance, a state of suppressed immunity required for organ transplantation.


(Biography) Sir Peter Brian. 1915–87, English zoologist, who shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (1960) with Sir Macfarlane Burnet for work on immunology


(ˈmɛd ə wər)

Peter Brian, 1915–87, English anatomist: Nobel prize for medicine 1960.
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Noun1.Medawar - British immunologist (born in Brazil) who studied tissue transplants and discovered that the rejection of grafts was an immune response (1915-1987)Medawar - British immunologist (born in Brazil) who studied tissue transplants and discovered that the rejection of grafts was an immune response (1915-1987)
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It was at Birmingham University that Rupert Billingham and Peter Medawar set out the key procedures and principles of skin grafting.
We find a similar view in the writings of Sir Peter Medawar, a British biologist and Nobel Laureate who championed the public engagement of science (4):
Faria, Peter Medawar Building, South Parks Road, OX1 3SY Oxford, UK; email: nuno.
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Our selection ranges from simple stays in vibrant cities to honeymoons in exotic islands to unconventional stays, which include, for example, a 13 day tour of Argentina, Peru, or Japan," says Johnny Medawar, marketing director at Wild Discovery.
Mardi Oakley Medawar is of North Carolina Cherokee background and has created a mystery/western series set in a Kiowa village in the 1800s and several novels set among the Crow.
The move from Begbroke Science Park to the Medawar Centre increases the company's lab space to 5,700-sq.
Los virus, definidos por Peter Medawar, premio Nobel de Fisiologia o Medicina, como pedazos de acido nucleico rodeados de malas noticias, de ninguna manera hacen honor a ese calificativo, por el contrario la presencia de los virus ha sido importante para la evolucion de las especies.