temporal lobe

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temporal lobe

The lower lateral lobe of either cerebral hemisphere, located in front of the occipital lobe and containing the sensory center of hearing in the brain.

temporal lobe

(Anatomy) the laterally protruding portion of each cerebral hemisphere, situated below the parietal lobe and associated with sound perception and interpretation: it is thought to be the centre for memory recall

tem′poral lobe`

the lateral lobe of each cerebral hemisphere, in front of the occipital lobe.

tem·po·ral lobe

The portion of each cerebral hemisphere lying to the side and rear of the frontal lobe, containing the main speech and language centers of the brain.
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Noun1.temporal lobe - that part of the cerebral cortex in either hemisphere of the brain lying inside the temples of the head
cerebral cortex, cerebral mantle, cortex, pallium - the layer of unmyelinated neurons (the grey matter) forming the cortex of the cerebrum
temporal gyrus - any of the convolutions of the outer surface of the temporal lobe of the cerebrum
lobe - (anatomy) a somewhat rounded subdivision of a bodily organ or part; "ear lobe"
amygdala, amygdaloid nucleus, corpus amygdaloideum - an almond-shaped neural structure in the anterior part of the temporal lobe of the cerebrum; intimately connected with the hypothalamus and the hippocampus and the cingulate gyrus; as part of the limbic system it plays an important role in motivation and emotional behavior
spánkový lalok
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The team was able to record individual neurons in the medial temporal lobe and found that the cells changed their firing to encode new associations -- such as meeting an old school friend at the opera -- at the exact moment of the experience, said study senior author Dr.
1) Follow-up imaging to document clearing of the medial temporal lobe abnormality is recommended.
Using slices from all three orientations (coronal, sagittal, and transaxial), 14 left and right regions of interest (ROIs) were visually inspected and rated by a clinician trained in neuroanatomy using the Mai Atlas of the Human Brain (Mai, Assheuer & Paxinos 1997); these included prefrontal poles, inferior orbits, lateral PFC, temporal poles, lateral temporal lobes, medial temporal lobes, parietal lobes, occipital lobes, cerebellum, anterior cingulate gyrus, anterior insular cortex, caudate, putamen, and thalamus.
Thus, as with medial temporal lobe regions, increased gray matter in the posterior perisylvian regions does not seem to be associated with sparing of function in individuals with heavy PEA.
The hippocampus is a paired structure, with mirror-image halves in the left and right sides of the brain, the hippocampus is located inside the medial temporal lobe, beneath the cortical surface.
The amygdala is the subortical gray matter found rostral to the hippocampus in the medial temporal lobe of the brain.
Here researchers in psychology, psychiatry, education, development, and often unconfessed disciplines review recent findings and report out their own research on such aspects as working memory in schizophrenia, working memory deficits in children aged 7-15 with mild traumatic brain injury, the effects of age and schooling on short-term memory development, neural networks, and processes in the medial temporal lobe.
This is how Alfre described it as she slipped into character at last week's Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour session: "What we actually do is we manifest a divergent identity dormant in a sealed-off portion of the medial temporal lobe.
One may no longer remember what kind of cake was offered during their sixteenth birthday but they will remember the car they received as a gift that year It is felt that memories become encoded into LTM through the action of the hippocampus which is an iron-laden area of the brain located in the medial temporal lobe of the brain as well as the prefrontal cortex; predominately the left hemisphere of.
Both semantic and episodic memories are consolidated in the hippocampus, which is located in the medial temporal lobe (Miyashita, 2004; Squire, 2004).
The lesion abutted the right medial temporal lobe, the right internal carotid artery, and the basilar artery.

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