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Private health insurance designed to supplement the coverage provided under governmental programs such as Medicare.


(Insurance) US any of various private health insurance plans that supplement the coverage of the Medicare health insurance programme


(ˈmɛd ɪˌgæp)

(sometimes cap.) a supplemental health insurance that provides coverage for people whose government insurance benefits are insufficient.
[1975–80; medi (cal) + gap]


n (US) → Zusatzkrankenversicherung f
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Because it is completely free to attend, we expect a record-breaking number of insurance agents and financial professionals who sell Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and various senior insurance products will attend the day," shares Jesse Slome, director of the Association.
NASDAQ: EHTH) has agreed to acquire Texas, US-based Medicare supplement enrollment services provider Health, Wealth and Life Advisors, LLC, AKA GoMedigap for USD 20m in cash and eHealth common stock, the company said.
AIMC distributes Medicare supplement products with over 20,000 independent agents throughout the United States.
The American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance has reported that finding in a summary of its latest Medicare supplement price index survey.
In the notice, CMS officials also discuss how the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 affects the Medicare supplement program.
In 1979, Congress established minimum loss ratios for both individual and group Medicare supplement policies.
Sterling will continue to offer other Medicare supplements.
Since the pricing of Medicare Supplement Plans varies so widely, state by state and within state jurisdictions, we try to offer you the best protection at the best rates for the area where you live
Medicare Supplement plans are designed to assist seniors in covering those unexpected costs and provide stability in their out of pocket health care expenses.
Over 13 million Americans have Medicare Supplement or Medigap insurance and with 10,000 Americans turning 65 daily, the number is growing," shares Jesse Slome, director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance (AAMSI).
We are at a critical point with the Medicare system right now and modernization of Medicare supplement products, which are also known as "Medigap" products, is essential in order to keep pace with the future of Medicare.
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