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a.1.Of or pertaining to law as affected by medical facts.
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Why, man, it is the most practical medico-legal discovery for years.
The police rushed the injured and the deceased to a local hospital for medico-legal formalities.
Meantime, five deceased and seven with burns injuries were rushed to Jinnah Hospital for medico-legal formalities and treatment, respectively.
AN UPDATED version of NZNO's 2014 medico-legal forums, Facing virtual reality --managing professional and personal safety in a changing world, will be run in four centres early next year.
The body was brought to JPMC for medico-legal formalities.
Over the last 3 decades the employees have strongly maintained the business ethics and provided unmatched services to the clients in order to stand tall as an independent Medico-Legal reporting company.
A source at the Medico-Legal said to NINA correspondent "The medical forensic received the bodies of nine civilian martyrs , including four women and a child after aerial bombardment on the areas of Sukkar , Alsiddeeq,al-Mmuthanna east of Mosul.
He has just created his own independent medico-legal expert witness office based in Switzerland which apart from the full spectrum of medico-legal work on musculoskeletal cases in that country is focused on medical malpractice.
OVER 100 guests attended the recent Birmingham Medico-Legal Society annual dinner at Edgbaston Golf Club.
Summary: Setting up of specialised medical courts to speed up medico-legal cases in the country has been proposed by senior health officials.
On the other hand, medico-legal autopsies are routinely performed in terms of statutory provisions which mandate the examination of bodies of deceased individuals who have died as a result of other than natural causes (or where the cause of death is not apparent or of an unexpected nature), in order to facilitate further legal decisions and proceedings.
Dr Majid reiterated that the assistance provided by the HMC was limited to cases of medico-legal matters occurring within the hospital.