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n.1.Science of medicine.
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Once the soldiers arrived at the fire base, the medics swung into action.
The Iraqi was given first aid in the desert but medics feared he would die without emergency surger y.
Every year since the 1940s, a group of medics, called the Cowboy Medics have assembled to provide emergency medical treatment to rodeo contestants at the Frontier Days rodeo in Cheyenne, Wyo.
When they reached the clinic they marched everyone who was in the alley (the decontamination area) out at gunpoint--including many medics and their patients, even seriously injured ones.
This authorization will not come from the commander but rather from the surgeon or PA in charge of the medics (at the medical section).
David Barzillai, President of ADS, said, "ADS is continues to improve systems and efficiencies for in-patient organizations such as behavioral health settings with its Medics BedManager.
The IPMBA certification means that Medics on the Ball's medics has gone through a rigorous training program for public safety cyclists, putting the company at the forefront of public safety.
These medics were detained and put on trial because they neglected their duties.
By the time he arrived at the hospital 13 hours after being shot, medics checked him again, and detected a faint heartbeat.
Now Medics on the Ball is looking to get itself in the top 20 finalists and then into the winners circle.
One of the nurses, Valya Chervenyashka, spoke Friday for the Bulgarian National Television, BNT, saying she is upset that instead of being elated by the news the Bulgarian medics have been finally confirmed innocent by a Libyan official, Borisov talked about how much money was paid for them.
West, a World War II Navy veteran and 1952 USC grad, determined that Salomon had been incorrectly denied the Medal of Honor on the grounds that he was a medic and therefore ineligible for the decoration.