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(Alternative Belief Systems) of or relating to a spiritual medium


(ˌmi di əˈmɪs tɪk)

pertaining to a spiritualistic medium.
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An enlarged photograph of a blonde woman, from a Pakistani advertisement for cosmetics, stares out behind them with a mediumistic intensity.
Richard says he was first aware of his abilities at a young age and started his mediumistic and psychic development in his teens.
Sophronia takes Ruby under her wing and mentors her in the mediumistic abilities, encouraging her to fight for women's rights.
The implication is that in the digital age, Western civilization is approximating the cultural sphere constituted by the Chinese language - not in an ideological sense but in a mediumistic and dispositional sense.
Even if individuals consciously have in mind a wish to somehow express the content of an extrasensory target, as in a laboratory experiment or mediumistic reading, the expression of psi is inadvertent, because they still have no idea what the evocative information is or where it comes from, or precisely which utterances or other behaviors make reference to the target, or in what ways they might imply it.
2002) 'The uniqueness of Nguni mediumistic divination in Southern Africa', Africa 72 (2): 277-92.
In Buenos Aires, Argentina, I saw the mediumistic painter, Luis Gasparetto, paint on canvas the works of the great masters in less than 10 minutes while in a trance and without using a brush.
Po Trong--or at least its bodily, worldy, mediumistic incarnation --is also the master of ceremony, Cheuh-very-dark-eyes--for she has very dark eyes.
34) 'Spirit texts' here refer to messages that a person claims to have received from 'spiritual beings' through dreams, their subconscious, or mediumistic practices.
In a career spanning 25 years, Tony has had umpteen television programmes and taught at some of the most respected schools for mediumistic developmentm.
The book also has four appendixes two of which provide mid-twentieth century descriptions of Temiar mediumistic practices.
At different times and among different cultures in human History there were reports of experiences that could be interpreted as mediumistic phenomena, for example the reception of the Ten Commandments by Moses at the Mount Sinai (Christianity and Judaism) and the reception of information and advice from superior and protector beings (dharmapalas) by Tibetan Buddhist monks (3).