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Previously, he was one of only a handful of engineers at Nokia to build the Maemo software platform targeted at mobile devices and tablets, which culminated in the delivery of MeeGo.
Nystrom has a history of mobile phone development, including helping lead the company's Meego efforts back in 2010.
Jolla smartphone runs on its own operating software called 'Sailfish', which is an offshoot of the MeeGo software that used to be found on old Nokia phones and acts as an open-source alternative to Google's Android mobile operating system, CNET reported.
Nokia at last bids farewell to MeeGo and Symbian, the Finnish giant formally verified the conclusion of an era.
Little more than a bunch of enthusiasts with a shared passion to bring Meego back to life, Marc Dillon and four other co-founders created Jolla at the start of 2012, with the aim of bringing an all-new smartphone running an all-new operating system to an international market by the end of 2013 - and with a launch event in Finland earlier this week, they have accomplished that remarkable feat.
Country Smartphones by Operating System: - Android, Blackberry OS, iOS, Windows Phone - Symbian, Bada - Firefox OS, LiMo, MeeGo, Tizen - Others
The device runs the company's MeegoA[degrees]based Sailfish OS, which appeA[degrees] ars to be a cleaner, fullA[degrees]bodied iteration of MeeGo and Nokia's Harmattan UI.
The ex-Nokia team responsible for the abandoned MeeGo open source OS project has launched the first Sailfish-based smartphone.
Intel said in September, 2011, that it was backing the Tizen project, after deciding tocut supportfor a project to develop the MeeGo operating system along with Nokia .
The platform supports a range of operating systems including: Windows, MeeGo, and Tizen.
Having persevered with their own, generally unloved operating systems such as MeeGo with diminishing returns, the Finnish firm recently bit the bullet and announced a tie-up with Microsoft's Windows Phone, and this handset is the first fruit of the partnership.
He is currently Head of Asia for Qt & MeeGo Ecosystems at Nokia through the acquisition to Trolltech in June 2007.