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a.1.Simple; unmixed. See Mere, a.
n.1.See Mere, a lake.
1.A boundary. See Mere.
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Nor those mysterious parts were then conceald, Then was not guiltie shame, dishonest shame Of natures works, honor dishonorable, Sin-bred, how have ye troubl'd all mankind With shews instead, meer shews of seeming pure, And banisht from mans life his happiest life, Simplicitie and spotless innocence.
And all suspicions were afterwards laid asleep by the artful conduct of your sister, in pretending ill-will to the boy, and that any regard she shewed him was out of meer complacence to you.
Dr Al Meer said BMS had good connections with the Egyptian authorities to gain passage into Gaza and MAP had strong links and professional manpower.
Julie Field with Alsatian cross Meer who is now a lot more settled.
Maar die skrywer skryf ook oor homself: oor sy eie vreugdes en frustrasies; byna altyd met 'n deeglike skeut selfspot en selde op so 'n wyse dat daar verval word in 'n diskoers wat s6 persoonlik is dat 'n mens meer van die skrywer leer ken as van die saak wat bespreek word--'n aspek waarteen N.
van der Meer joined the board in 1993 with responsibility for chemicals.
van der Meer and his associates hypothesized that CHF patients may have insufficient sensitivity to erythropoietin, which is produced by the kidneys to stimulate red blood cell production in response to anemia.
Most industry was dominated by men and women were know as farmers' wives,' said Mrs van der Meer.
The woman was walking in Meer Street and spoke to the victim who was dressed in dark trousers, a black top with coloured spots on it.
Mr Meer, who is 6ft tall and weighs 19 and a half stones, claimed the gym discriminated against him because of his appearance.
Die nuwe wet sal ook meer effektief toegepas kan word.